do a Black man excite my wife

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nico, Jul 7, 2010.

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    Not sure where to begin with this one, one night I was playing out sexual fantasies with the wife, she was happy to do this as it was just fantasy and not real, all was good and very exciting, then whilst we enjoying having a 69er, i slid my fingers into her pussy, she liked this and wanted me to slide them in and out fast, i had no problem with that, usually i would say to her wouldnt you like a big hard cock fucking you right now whilst i suck on your fanny, the answer i would get is "suppose that would be nice", Im fine with that, then after we would go on to have great sex.

    Another night same scenario, i said to her whilst fingering and eating her pussy, would you enjoy a big black cock banging you whilst sucking my cock, at first i got no response, so i said it again and she responded yes, unsure to what i thought she said, i said what a black cock, i repeated this twice and her response was yes both time, all in all three time she said yes, whilst fingering deep inside her pussy, she started moaning and groaning like i have never heard from her before, and her pussy was dripping wet

    The question i keep asking myself, although she keeps repeating that she didnt like the thought of a black man inside her, why have i never managed to get her that excited before. she is not racist or anything nor me but she said she has never been with a black man or that she would.

    Im confused, she says having sex or the thought of having sex with a black man doesnt interest her but yet that night tells a different story.

    please tell me your thoughts on this if this was you wife
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    nico, I think your next step would be to get her and you to watch a few short youtubes of normal everyday women of all ages having sex with blackmen and then see how she reacts. Also have the two you you ever watched interracial porn together, and if so did it turn her on. Now as for you, does the idea of her being fucked by a well hung blackman a turnon? Obvouiosly you found this website so yo have seen lots of the free porn that's out there, and if your like me a get a hardon when you think about you wife flirting, being groped, or allowing her body to please another man outside the marriage in the bedroom, I would say that is a true sign that between the both of you explore this further. Let us know how things go, and if you can, I would suggest you upload a few sexy photos of your wife like I did and see if any of the black bulls would even want to do her. Good luck on exploring this, and I hope it all works out so everyone wins.
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    every women(specialy white women) wants a black cock in them. even the racist ones. even if they dont admit it.
    She probably always watned to do this and always thought about it, but didnt wanna react on it. but now shes having that feeling build up.

    and wishfulhubby is right. best bed to see is to watch some interacial porn with her. show her alot of the pics and videos on this site?
  4. photoshop_wizard

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    and a I R fake of her with someone is not a bad idea either email we can chat
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    We have sat down and watch a few videos in the past, many different types, i dont mind watching them and they do turn me on, as for the wife she not that kin of watching any type of porn, she says its all fake and laughs, even tho its real people fucking, 9 out 10 times whilst watching porn, she will watch a couple of clips then she will get my cock out and start sucking on it, i say why dont you watch some porn, reply is i would rather suck your cock while you watch it. so does it turn her on, im not so sure it does, she tells me she is happy with what she a got with me, good new for me i suppose.

    Does the idea of a well hung black dick (or white) fucking my wife turn me on, yes and no, yes in a fantasy world but no as she is my wife who i love very much, but watching others at it does all the time.

  6. CuckoldCouple

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    She may just not to admit it but I think all white women crave BBC.
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  7. SaraSuxBlack

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    When your wife says she is not interested she is either:
    1) trying to spare your feelings
    2) trying to convince herself that she isn't interested.

    Every single time I have told a female that I only fuck black men, I can see right away the curiosity, the intrigue, the fascination.
  8. nocomp2bm

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    I agree Sara. most whitechics will tell a guy what she thinks he wants to hear. Thats whats so hot when we see hot whitegirls showing how brazen she can be that shes not going to let white society keep her from what she wants so desperately even if it means getting ridiculed by white boys.
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    I have to admit I was never really into watching black on white porn, or cared about seeing my wife with a black guy until we watch black pipe layers and she leaked completely down her legs and now I'm obsessed. We still have sex like bunnies, and have had about a dozen threesomes but she denies that black is a big deal (and her first black experience was only so-so)... but I'm working on her. She's already agreed to her next encounter being a very large black cock.