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    My wife gets off hard thinking about BBC every time she cums. This has led to interest in not only BBC but cuckolding, female domination, and chastity play. We are exploring this fantasy. We are looking for specific play ideas embracing these themes. How do you play?
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    Ours has changed somewhat as I've moved through this lifestyle.
    Before I started, hubby used to use my Doc Johnson dildo and pretend to be a black headmaster, I was dressed as slutty school girl being punished by 'Mr Johnson'.
    Then as I started taking black cock, our fantasies changed into me humiliating hubby, saying he didn't compare to black guys and making him wear ladies underwear, nail varnish and taking Estrogen at one time! Fantasy went into feminising him and humiliation.
    Now I'm moving into BDSM more, so I like to be handcuffed, nipple clamped and degraded my self while I'm looking for black BDSM master.
    But we also still enjoy me dominating him at times, usually when I've met a guy and I wear the dominatrix stuff with hubby.
    So it depends where you are in the lifestyle and what turns you on at this moment in time. X
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    Roll play experimentation is fun ... it also helps the 2 of you discover and set the tone for your long term commitments to each other ... I think first, since this is new to the both of you, is that you acquire appropriate outfits. Yours is fairly simple ... a cocklock and the level of dress code she/you desire, which is usually scant. Her outfits, however, are more the Dominatrix type ... lots of sites these days have different types of outfits for dom females. Dom/sub relationships are popular roll-play activities since they define each partner so specifically. I guess it depends on how far you wish to take it.
    There's plenty of material to draw ideas from, too, on the internet. Here is some interesting readings: