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I have the woman call me. I encourage memorizing the number. Anything written down or recorded can result in having questions asked you don't want to answer. Having your bull on speed dial isn't a good idea. The women I fuck don't include their husbands so leaving any traces or records isn't a good idea


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When my female friend and I found a member on here to meet with, Coolbreeze83 and I exchanged emails back and forth about what day to meet and where would be best. Then my friend and I met him at a bar around the block from my place. Talked for a while there and we all got to know one another better. When it came time for what we met for, went back to my place to discuss everything. My friend was not 100% ready yet because she has never done anything like this before. Now that she got to meet him, we are going to meet up again sometime soon.

This is basically what my past girlfriends and I did. Would chat with the guy online, set up a place to meet and talk. Then from there go to my place or a hotel.

There are many different ways to go about this. I'm not sure if your hubby knows, but if he does, then you can possibly use what I said. Best of luck to you!


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I would think it is for you and your selected Bull to work out the details, and ultimately, it is YOUR decision. Is there a spouse or committed partner already in your life?
I don't recommend the "sneaking around" when you're married. If you and your spouse have talked about it already, that might be one thing, but if your spouse isn't to know, or you're considering just not telling him ... well, you get what you deserve and ONLY blame yourself when you're discovered. If you're in a committed relationship (married or dating) its best to test the waters by sharing sexual fantasy fulfillments with your partner to see if the partner can be brought On-Board with your desire. You might be surprised to learn that he's all for it, but you got to also realize his sexual fantasy as well. If its his fantasy to be with another female ... you swallow hard, grit your teeth and grant it. Also, if you & mate already have children, its totally not wise to sneak and get sexually involved with another man, and risk splitting a marriage when there are children to be raised. Family should come FIRST ... always! No one here really cares about your marriage ... you know your mate better than anyone. THINK before acting! ;)