cant stop

So my wife met a new guy. We had him over this weekend so he could "test ride his new pussy". It didn't take him long to assert himself. At one point, after he'd had his way with her, he made me mount her in missionary and fuck her so I could feel the difference. All the while making her tell me that i'm tiny and he felt better. The really surprising part was when this was happening, he got behind me, forced our legs open and started rubbing his massive cock on my ass, poking at it. Saying that we were both his bitches . that's as far as he went.
After he left, my lovely wife and I were cuddling, when she told me that she had fun, loves or new sex life......... And that she thinks it might be time to try multiple blackcocks at the same time:-[ it's like she's stuck on"slut mode" and can't stop.


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... she thinks it might be time to try multiple blackcocks at the same time:-[ it's like she's stuck on"slut mode" and can't stop.
I haven't read many of your back posts to confirm, but this sounds like you guys are fairly experienced in the cuckolding activities. What was your true feeling about how this new "bull" acted on his first visit? Did you enjoy being a controlled submissive and his calling you "his bitch"? Did you feel that you was basically helpless at any time while he was there? This was no doubt a true Alpha black male and he gave you a small sample of his capabilities ... he takes what he wants and doesn't even ask. He assumes that by his even being there, he's entitled to take what he wants. This is pretty intense stuff!
Now imagine 2-3 bulls, all similar to him, being there at the same time. The control and dominance would be 3-4-5 times as intense; you would be made to do things that you've never considered, much less done. If things got too intense ... too out of control, how would you handle it? Can you imagine, if things got out of hand, trying to ask 3 of him to leave? Do you think they would?
Something for the two of you to think seriously about before doubling & tripling up. To some of these bulls, this is NOT a game of pleasure, but a game of CONTROL. To you, its just like being in a car crash where you have absolutely no control of your car ... you take what you get. That's pretty intense! Mac :confused:
The misuses and I most definitely discuss every aspect of our sexual adventures before undergoing them, and nothing happens unless the two of us are 100% ok with it. If we can find a safe, comfortable way to indulge her fantasies, then we will. If not, on to the next.
Nobody has a cock worth putting our relationship or our safety in jeopardy. Hopefully, anyone considering something like this (or adding anyone to your relationship) takes the above advice and thinks it through.


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And the thing is, if EVERYONE is having fun, there will most likely be a repeat. So to not respect the wife and her husband, pretty much guarantees that ain't going to be happening, which isn't very smart on the part of the studs.