Brother Likes To Watch

After being obsessed with porn since the 1960s, I've found nothing excites like a sensual dark woman with another woman, or a sister with a white man or couple. In the 1980s I introduced several black female partners to swapping and swinging.

Living in a place with few black women, and being uninterested in relationships with any other, I'm pretty much a recluse who after work retires to the cave and computer. About once a month, I travel to Seattle or Portland neighborhood porn theaters, which function as "clubs" rather than public places, where couples often put on incredible shows for all to see. Sometimes by performing as a duo, sometimes with the woman playing theater slut and taking on all cummers.

More than anything, at my age I LOVE seeing amateur sex videos featuring black women who are exceptional beauties, bodies, or embody techniques and passions I can only imagine. The ultimate enjoyment is watching two women make each other feel good in the company of a male lover.