Black guys, Do you enjoy being sucked by a white guy?

no , not into that but if he wants to suck that baby making nut out of her then thats on them , all i do is through Great BBC... some men are into that but shouldnt that be in the line of being ' over the top ' . plus man was put hear to be cherished by women not men......
He can be in my presence , i have no problem with that , it only means i'm gonna fuck her harder and a little longer to show him what it takes to keep her feeling the way she does , plus he will learn alot after ' MURDERSHOW is done.....
I like that, SIR . Thank YOU, SIR. :frantic: <<gush>> . We whiteboys know BLACK MEN are SUPERIOR, but need to be reminded and reinforced about this fact.

I love when a Brotha is pounding my gf , HE pretends that i am not there; or even better, HE tells me how inadequate i am to please any woman,....and calls me nothing but a faggot to a Black Man
Thank YOU, SIR. You are better than Dr. Phil. I will always try to be a man for YOU, if that is what YOU prefer.
It is true that THIS is what every white man wants, to be talked to by a Black Man. It stems from when they were in college and they wanted someone from the Black Lunch Table to say any 2 words to them when they arrived at the dining hall with their white roommmates. It proved to their white friends that, first, they had a Black friend, and second, that there was not a shred of racism in them . The white bois would get so hard and tickled with excitement when being addressed by a Brotha in this manner. They would giggle with delight like a little girl and be so proud of their whiteselves for days on end. YOU do this to me now, SIR. I know that's why YOU are a better MAN than me.


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I might feel shaky about it at first... but as it goes on, I learn to adjust my mind to it and even enjoy taunting white guys who tell me they like doing it that they're seriously going to do it for me, whether they want to or don't. It's a trip I feel helps increase the bond between the black bull and the cuck hubby and as well the wife.
I have never had a bull complain about being allowed to cum either on mywifes pussy,in my mouth or all over my face...EVERY SINGLE BULL LOVES TO CUM ON MY FACE some in my mouth...not all like to be sucked,fluffed...but all love to cum hard acoss my face... View attachment 65786 View attachment 65787 View attachment 65788 View attachment 65789
These are not BULLS you posted here , A true bull is at least nine inches or better so dont get it twisted... black men dicks is more like it , every black just like some whites are not gifted , these guys might be good as lovers or fucking etc. and thats not bad but a true bull will take that ' HONEYPOT ' and send it to places that they [ white women ] didnt know exist. A TRUE BULL....