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BBC approached her at the GYM last night


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She was working out last night when a BBC approached her and started flirting. Telling her she's beautiful and how great her ass looked. Offering to spit her as she lifts, asking her if she wanted to do some "cardio" with him.

He ended up asking her if she wanted to fuck in his car or in the tanning bed. She told him she was married and he told her "that's Okay, he can watch".

She ended up giving hI'm her number and He's set to meet her later this week to fuck. Possibly at the gym.

When she got home and told me my jaw dropped. I wonder how he knew she was a QoS.
Short story: the only black guys (2 of them) whom my wife has ever fucked have been guys who picked her up at the gym.

Longer story: my wife and I were first in a relationship for 4 years, and then we broke up (she dumped me) for two or three years before we got back together and married; we'll soon hit our 14th wedding anniversary. In that time, I've been soooo keen for her to fuck another guy (particularly a big black guy)... it's a fetish of mine that, historically, she's basically rolled her eyes at, and seemingly wanted to just go away.

Her sexual exploits during the years we were apart have long been hazy and undefined to me. Kind of a don't-ask-don't-tell sort of thing (I used to be much more jealous than I am now, and getting real deets would've probably ripped me up inside). It was only a couple of months ago that I finally, earnestly sat her down and asked her for specifics. Who were you with while we were apart? What did you do with 'em? Where'd you do it? What did you like? Who was the best at it? Who would you take a booty call from today, if I were out of the picture? It was all hot stuff for me to hear (one time she got fucked on a roof, e.g.), and I was hard as shit the whole time, and I never felt jealous, just crazy aroused. And I really think she enjoyed telling me, too! It was a kind of unburdening for her, I suppose, and she was clearly happy that I wasn't jealous or troubled by her stories. Really, I think she found it hot as well.

Anyway, mixed in with those while-we-were-a-apart stories, she mentioned something she "swears" she's told me before: she got picked up by a black dude at the gym... he came to her apartment and fucked her, and then (she believes) he promptly told his buddy at the gym (another black guy), as he soon thereafter picked her up and fucked her. Both were one-night stands. I guarantee you she's never told me this, I PROMISE I would remember something like that, but she insists she's told me before. Anyway, she unfortunately looks back on those two experiences as very negative. She was in an emotionally-vulnerable and isolated time for her (with her career life and her personal life both stuck in neutral), and she felt then (and feels now) that she was simply used sexually by two dudes who may've sensed that vulnerability and taken advantage of it. They didn't want to get to know her as a person, had no interest in talking or making any sort of human connection, they just fucked her and bailed. She says she didn't even cum, either time.

When she told me the above (again, stuff she swears she's relayed once in the past), she said that she usually avoids mentioning those experiences to me, for fear that I would be aroused and turned-on by something that happened during a time in her life which she considers to be somewhat dark. Of course I told her how sorry I was that those two guys turned out to be assholes and that she felt so used. (And, truly, I *am*, for many reasons, most especially that I love her and want the best for her, but also because those two fuckers unknowingly made my IR fetish that much harder to turn her on to, all these years later). Still I had to inwardly confess that, well, she was right to fear that. I *am* turned on by it. Incredibly, undeniably so. I can't deny it. Last night I gingerly confessed as much to her. The news, of course, did not come as much of a shock to her, and was received pretty well. Truthfully, I think that unburdening herself as she did a couple of months ago has her helped to destigmatize the event... helped her take it from the "this terrible low point of my life" category, and instead deposit it in the "something dumb that once happened" category. Progress! When I apologized for getting aroused at the thought of what for her was such a terrible experience, she said, "Oh, I've kinda moved on from that." More progress!

She doesn't even remember one of the guy's names: he was taller, and-- she now says-- he had the biggest cock of any man she's ever been with. The shorter guy was named "Mark" (don't know the spelling, and I doubt my wife does either) and his cock, she says, was average-sized. Both were the two most muscular, physically-largest men she's ever been with, she says.

In any event, that was then, and now we're married, and I would do anything-- pay any amount of money, murder any other human being, *anything*-- if only my beautiful, sexy, brilliant wife were to go fuck a black guy right now, but she swears she'd never go outside of our marriage and do such a thing. Maybe very possibly that's so. Still, she's become much more open in recent months to watching IR porn with me, and participating in BBC role play (last night, for example, she gave me unsolicited talk about how much she wanted to be with her "beautiful black lover... I want take his cock in my cunt. It's so much bigger and better than yours."). She's wearing thongs now. She wears an ankle bracelet now. Sometimes she'll send me teasing texts. She truly gets sexier by the day. So hey, maybe someday I'll actually, honestly get that chance to pay some money or murder some person or whatever the fuck it'd take to see her submit to a domineering black bull. Or maybe I won't. I just don't know.

Anyway, there that is. There's the story. My wife got picked up in a gym by a couple of black guys.