Austria, Europe: couple looking for handsome and friendly man to share some leisure-time with.

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    Hey everyone,

    we are an easy-going down-to-earth heterosexual couple from Austria looking for some fun with a like-minded man. We are not well-experienced in this lifestyle but "swingers at heart". SHE is about mid-thirty; I am about fourty. SHE likes to experience the pleasure from sex with two men at the same time; I like to give her what she likes and deserves, and to see her satisfied. ;) Size and color are of advantage, but not a requirement. We play it safe, so both health and use of condoms are a prerequisite!

    If you are interested, this is how we get in touch:

    1st: Start a conversation with me on this forum. (Go to my profile, select the "Information" tab and click "Start a Conversation" in the "Interact" section.) Provide your location (state and province) and write something meaningful about yourself. Please, do NOT send one-liners or novels or pictures of your genitals and don`t expect us to do so - we won`t! i will reply to each and every honest request from our region. (We won`t show our exact location in the open forums but will tell you in a private reply.)

    2nd: Let`s meet up. First meeting will be casual, in a public place and without my girlfriend. (This is because i follow her request to do the "preselection".) We will have a short conversation over coffee or beer, and if you seem to be a match for us (according to my girlfriend`s taste and needs), let`s exchange phone numbers and proceed from there.

    3rd: Let`s meet again - this time with my girlfriend present. If there is respect, mutual sympathy and sexual attraction between you and my girlfriend we are open to play. We prefer to have a threesome (her with two men, like "spitroast" or DP action, for instance), but i would also enjoy to just watch her with another man (you?), if that was more comfortable for you.
    However, we play as a couple, so my being present is NOT negotiable! (HER will and mine too - the latter most of all for security reasons.) Because of privacy concerns we need to be discreet: we won`t send or take photographs or videos nor play at our own home! Either a hotel room or your place would be most acceptable.

    4th: If everything goes well, there`s an option for a repeat. ;)

    Health and good personal hygiene,
    good German or English language skills,
    treating a woman like the lady she is and not a piece of meat!

    NICE TO HAVE, but not prerequisites:
    Age between 25 and 50,
    big dick and/or good stamina.

    Thinking of others as being less valuable than yourself just because some superficial criteria like a person`s place of birth, etc.

    Men from our region (Austria, Europe), we are looking forward to your honest replies/requests, your short introduction and potential questions. Please note that this is about real meetings; NO fantasy-BS or time-wasters, please. Thank you all.
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    We are still looking...

    Thank you for your interest and replies so far
    including two guys from Holland and one from Germany
    as well as, yes, an Austrian guy - but from a distant region. :|

    Would be really nice to find a suitable easy-going down-to-earth guy for n.s.a. fun who was closer to us!
    If this is you and you`re interested, just inbox me. ;)

    Thank you & so long...
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    UPDATE: We met another couple recently who just started swinging. They have similar interests, so now we are searching for both us and them. As a result you should be living in one of these areas:

    1. Western Austria (Vorarlberg or Western Tyrol)
    2. South-East Austria (between Klagenfurt and Graz)

    Still waiting for honest and serious replies from real men. Let`s see...