1. Terimae


    Do most women have this fantasy or is it just a few? I have just recently started thinking about this to the point that I want to experience it first hand, At first I wanted my husband there with me maybe just as some type of comfort and approval. Now I don't care I just want to go out on a...
  2. Terimae

    Back from vacation

    Hi guys, just back from vacation this past weekend and thought I would stop by and say hi :)
  3. X

    Would you let your wife start dating/have sex with her EX?

    I know it can be complicated depending on how long their relationship was and how close they were... My wife's relationship with her ex was "not great" but the sex was. A few months ago while we were doing it I got her to admit that her ex fucked her better than I do. We're relatively young but...
  4. mywayintermsofsex

    Austria, Europe: couple looking for handsome and friendly man to share some leisure-time with.

    Hey everyone, we are an easy-going down-to-earth heterosexual couple from Austria looking for some fun with a like-minded man. We are not well-experienced in this lifestyle but "swingers at heart". SHE is about mid-thirty; I am about fourty. SHE likes to experience the pleasure from sex with...
  5. A

    Payback is a bitch

    New to the site. Happy new year everyone! I am single black guy living in Texas. I like Texas. Its a great place for interracial dating. Right now I am involved with three white chicks, one of whom is married. I have been banging white pussy almost exclusively for five years now, although I...