1. Who’s next?

    Who’s next?

    Love to replace this for a real big bbc! Who wants to fill my tight ass?
  2. Searching for a real big bbc

    Searching for a real big bbc

    Who can replace this white guy? I need a bbc!
  3. Jo51515

    Young white Sissy looking for BBC in Germany

    I'm a19yo sissy and really love to ride big dildos and watch bbc porn. The cocks are all so incredible hot. I'm looking for a bbc who can fuck me with his cock, the first real cock I ever take :) Please pm
  4. InShot_20200221_205419259.jpg


    After the gym
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  7. BigDickEvents


    CUCKOLDING | WIFESHARING | HOTWIFE | BDSM | GANGBANG In the Interracial Lifestyle. LOCATION: ALLENBACH, GERMANY (EXACT VENUE DETAILS FOR INTERESTED PERSONS). This is an exclusive interracial lifestyle experience for young couples (at least one partner under the age of 45), single ladies and...
  8. ModernEUBoi

    Modern European Whiteboi

    Hi! I'm just another wimpy white beta male. I'm 23 yo, living in Poland and studying. Few years back then I was just a normal teenager with healthy relationship with my beautiful ex white girlfriend, but one day my life turned upside down when I discovered tumblr page named "White Humiliation"...
  9. C

    We are looking for jobs?

  10. Licht

    BBC Available...Ireland.

    In box.
  11. G

    BBW in Europe

    heyy, i am a young 26 years old bbc from paris. i have susbcribed since few month and i love curvy white women. i would like to know if they was curvy/bbw women from any country in europe here ? :bigsmile:
  12. BigDickEvents

    Anyone had a date in Europe?

    I was wondering, has anyone actually had a real date with a member who lives in Europe on this forum?
  13. MomoYaas

    I want to travel, just..don’t know where.

    Hey guys, So I first thought of going on reddit and seeing if I should post there, but then I remembered, this is the BEST place to ask. I am really really new at this. Basically, I am planning a trip, all over Canada, and also Europe. Canada: Last March I went to Vancouver, BC. Amazing...
  14. Snowbunny2456

    Looking for BBC's in Europe

    hot couple in our early twenties looking for very well endowed Black Men who live in Europe (or are visiting) to meet up with. We: are both straight and absolutely genuine. she: is a beautiful PAWG and BBC virgin. So if anybody is interested in hooking up please let us know!
  15. Victor91

    British BBC travelling in Europe

    Hello Ladies, In the next few of months I will be travelling around Europe and then the Middle East =) I would love to meet some sexy white ladies who want to play with my BBC. I've not planned exactly where I'm going yet so if you hit me up I could come to a town near you. =) Currently Im...
  16. F

    wir suchen ein Bulle oder Dom Pärchen im Norden / we are looking for a bull or dome couple in the north of germany

    hi zusammen, ich suche einen Bullen oder Dom Pärchen für uns. Du solltest BI sein oder zu mindestens kein Problem damit haben, von einer Sissy geblasen zu werden, oder sie zu ficken, da ich auch benutzt werden will. Wir sind Fabian 35 und Sophie 34 Fabian ist 184 cm , 80 kg, dunkle kurze...
  17. Amitabh

    Europe: Uncut Big cock Cock

    Hi, I am in Europe, I travel a lot and meet with people. If you wanna invite and meet with me, check my pics and write me
  18. secret treasure

    secret treasure

  19. GIF


    shadow play
  20. DSC_4500.jpg


    Myself always Hard and ready !