1. secret treasure

    secret treasure

  2. take a wild ride

    take a wild ride

  3. GIF


    shadow play
  4. DSC_4500.jpg


    Myself always Hard and ready !
  5. My BBC 1

    My BBC 1

    As you can see... I'm rock hard! What would you do to make it go away?
  6. Me in Amsterdam

    Me in Amsterdam

  7. Dutch interracial

    Dutch interracial

  8. HollyWorny

    Best European City to Find a Bull

    Hey All, So, we are looking for a short break in Europe with a twist (a big black twist) Can any other cuckold couples recommended any good cities in Europe (not Amsterdam - too many visits) that they have visited which are great for the cuckold scene (finding attractive black men). ❤️
  9. DSC_1002


    Teasing my snowbunnies
  10. Hardchoco69 teasing

    Hardchoco69 teasing

    For my snowbunnies
  11. Hardchoco69 teasing

    Hardchoco69 teasing

    For my snowbunnies
  12. QueenAnna

    AMA: I have been working with pro-Refugee NGOs and at a refugee shelter in Germany

    I see a lot of people on here talking about the African immigration to Europe. I work with pro-Refugee NGOs and at a shelter for African migrants and thought I'd answer some questions about the topic.
  13. Z

    Belgium or near ( France, Germany, NL )

    Hi, I'm Cedric from Belgium near Brussels. I can be anywhere around Belgium. I'm 21, a young black bull. I'd be honoured to please your wife or a lonely woman. Let me know in the DM if you're interested :) See you soon.
  14. bbcwales

    week free - Europe

    hey guys, I got a week free in november and i was looking where to go to have fun and enjoy the city. Open to all cities in Europe. Any suggestions? ideas?
  15. beginnercouple

    Coming to US in february, where should we visit?

    Hi! We are a Sweden based couple looking for someone in Europe, preferably in Scandinaiva or Baltics or someone who can travel :) Are total beinners, not yet been shared and havent had a BBC experience :) Would love to get started in the lifestyle :) Our verification :)...
  16. Vani88

    Thank you America from Europe! QOS worldwide!

    I just opened that thread to say :Thank you America! In the past few years the Blackbreeding-fever/ Interracial Revolution swapt from US to Europe. Thank you for that pioneerworks! The Queen of Spades and Cuckold-lifestyle that you have established is very very popular here! Greets from a proud...
  17. DSC1000


    I know my meaty loves this see-through boxer. A wink for you babe ;-)
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  19. DSC1900


    I'm in suit most of time
  20. DSC1901