a gauys who like to watch their wives fuck


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I just joined and want everyone to know that seeing my woman fucking another guy just drives me up a wall! We used to do it regularly with a dude that worked for me. It took awhile to talk her into it but once she tried it, she couldn't shut it off (which was so fucking cool for me...and her!). I loved to see her take his big cock deep inside her and watch her eyes roll back in her head as he fucked her hard.
I'm not a guy, but I am a slut wife who is shared and loves it. My hubby is always bringing home his friends or others for me to fuck. He has set me up with gangbangs and once snuck me in to a dorm where the guys lined up at the door coming in 3 and 4 at a time to fuck me and me suck them. Some just jacked off while watching me get fucked and shot their load on my face or tits. My hubby loves for me to go out and get fucked and come home with a pussy and ass full of cum for him to fuck while I tell him all about how they fucked me.


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A black man who loves me and me him and we can both have sex with other people and stuff. Just all like open and happy and all. I want him to love watching me and me him that would be liek totally cool! :)
i absolutly love it. both having the woman im with fucking other men and also fucking other wives. single for the moment but ready to find a girlfriend i can share with others.
tonight my wife is spending a night with one of her lovers this is first time she has ever spend the nigh she has aleays cum home. Has anyone else expernced this i am very excited about it and cannot get this feeling out of my gut and getting very excited about sitting home and thinking aBOUT has anyone else give me a hint on what to expect out of this and there experences will she do it more and more and leave me out of it as i love watching her with other me
My wife informed me that during our marrage she had had three affairs. One lasted one year, one lasted six months and one lasted a month. She told me about her affairs when I informed her that I wanted to see her get fucked by another man. She said, "you should told me that's what you wanted; I bet you would have loved to have seen me get fucked by these guys". Since then she has told me lots of stories which have led to lots of goooood sex.


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We are just touching on cuckolding outside of me watching her get fucked.....but Ive started eating creampies, and hearing her tell me how she fantasizes about her black lovers. While I was getting food for us at a hotel one night, she had a friend with "party" supplies stop by and she gave him head while I was gone. It was exciting to hear....her surprise that he was uncircumcized, how exciting it was as he got hard and his head popped out, and how he had to keep pulling out to stop from cumming. There are a few times when Ive heard her whisper into a very well endowed lovers ear taht "you are hitting my cervix"...."you are in my uterus"......."it feels like you are in my ribcage"......our last encounter had her "beg' for her BBC to put it all in....he was teasing her with the first few inches.....again, she was whispering in their ear, so she didnt know I could hear.....humiliating, cuz I could never touch those spots!

She has an extremely tight pussy, but she can accomodate huge dicks, the biggest shes had was 11 inches and she took it 100% vaginally and anally......again, spots Ill never touch.......
I luv it when wife and i go out and have a few drinks, she has a few drinks and turns into a hot slut...have watched her take a guy or two out in the parking lot...saturday night she was really horney we went to an adult theater, not far from the military base here in town, after a few drinks...there were 8 guys, all were in there 30's or younger, ..didn't take long before she was sucking one and getting fucked by another....did all 8. Damn we luvd it, will be going back for more!
As a slut wife, I love anyone watching especially my husband. Huge turn on for me. I seem to find BBC that would rather be alone with me though. Much rather have my husband watch me get stretched and pounded. It makes me cum tons...
we have been swingers for a long time and in the past i have watched my sweet little wife fuck lot and lots of men some white and some black and each time i watched her fuck i can't wait to get at her and kiss her all over and lick her pussy clean and have her force feed me pussy the first black man she fucked and sucked drove her wild and it drove me crazy watching her and him go at it so am i a cuckold
i've helped out in some cuckholdings ( i personally have hands-on 'managed' more than several steam heated b/w roleplay breedings) and they were very emotional and intense i have to say.

interracial cuckhold parties with interludes of ultra-adult 'barebacked reproductive-roleplay' can get dizzying for the wife partners involved, and i mean dizzying !!( even if they are on the pill) , ... while many of the hubbies go absoultely crazy seeing their women orgasmed hard while being treated to those vast amounts of potent reproducitve-creams pumped deep by their alternate male-lovers, ..... ugh god, those parties are sooo super hot !


I agree with Trinity. Although my preference is Black Cock I do have a couple of white guys with more then enough equipment to get the job done so nice. I also fuck men in front of hubby but not as much now I enjoy going out for it much more lets face it I am in this for my pleasure not his