1. Big booty newlywed cheats with mature thick bull VictorNYC before taking her vows

    Big booty newlywed cheats with mature thick bull VictorNYC before taking her vows

    She's called upon Victor over a dozen times since being married. She loves to worship his thick black dick and gets blackbred every single time with no birth control!
  2. D

    True Marriage Spanking Story

    Remembering the beginning of my married erotic spanking story, I understand I always needed it. I grew up in a family where everyone spoiled me, my parents never allowed themselves to spank each other and me too. I had several guys, but I was always missing something adult. Apparently I...
  3. Blackheat


    I want a married woman who likes a black dick in her mouth...🍆🦍
  4. J

    Getting less aroused by conventional sex with wife

    I’m actually starting to get a little concerned. Wife is a very vanilla and repressed super curvy bbw. I am seriously underendowed, and can’t really even penetrate. She is pretty uncomfortable with talk of other men, and even watching porn. For a while she was willing to tell me I had a little...
  5. VID-20230601-WA0121.mp4


    Black Daddy: Looking for the love of my life, a lady I can call my own, with beautiful feelings and a good heart. Distance is no barrier. Interested, hit me up💋❤️
  6. mywayintermsofsex

    The taughest decision for a husband or boyfriend

    If you had to choose only one from two options (as a lifelong commitment), * Having any kind of sex you like with your partner apart from eating her pussy and watching her with others, or * Eating your partner's pussy and watching her with others but not having any other kind of sex which one...
  7. N

    Has anyone actually had luck meeting a their QOS wife/gf on here?

    I am a busy man. I don’t have time to waste. I’m done fantasizing about this and want to find my future gf or wife to try and actually make the fantasy a reality. What I am curious about is if this site will actually help me obtain that significant other interested in the lifestyle or if...
  8. C

    Cuckold looking for woman

    A black young man, 34 years old from Algeria, experienced, strong and very funny is looking for horny hotwives i can manage your visa invitation to algeria, your'e welcome
  9. C

    German cuck old man seeks experience.

    Wanted cuckold lifestyle.
  10. Z


    A young man, 24 years. 5 feet 9 inches in height. Average built. Nigerian. Fluent English. Seeking white ladies between the ages of 18-25. seeking long term relationship that may to something serious. Just a direct message away.
  11. Cuckold marriage is happy marriage

    Cuckold marriage is happy marriage

  12. D

    Being a hotwife saved marriage

    I guess a lot of divorces happen due to the couple feeling disconnected and there being no love factor . How has bringing a bbc in your life improved your marriage .
  13. Borncuckold

    Modern White Marriage The visual guide book to sex in a Modern White Marriage...

    This is a visual guide book to sex in the Modern White Marriage...cuckolding, chastity, BBC, face-sitting and pegging! All the primary ways modern white couples have sex today!!
  14. Borncuckold

    Know your place (pictures that show everyone in their right place!)

    Let's start a "know your place" thread showing everyone in their "right" place. Like this...
  15. V

    Hi there people in London

    Looking for some fun Need a bbc? dm me
  16. M

    Marriage Consummated by BBC?

    Anyone had their wife be consummated by the bull instead during marriage or honeymoon?
  17. From the first BBC

    From the first BBC

    Old picture from a year ago but this was from the first BBC experience.
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    Cuckold seeking for cuckoldress Qc,Canada

    I want to find a women who will love to keep me pussyfree and will make me her little cuckold. I already have a house and everything. 25yo blond hair blue eyes 😊
  19. B

    Should I find other women?

    Should I find other women? My wife and I have been together for about 10 years and when we started dating and even a few years into our marriage we would have sex a few times a day. Lately we’ve only been having sex about once a week but my drive is still ridiculously high and I still want to...
  20. Married pussy claimed

    Married pussy claimed