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I read something some place else about a white boi talking about his thoughts regarding sharing ones' wife with other men. Here's what he wrote below:

I am highly turned on by women who are able to get in touch with their DARK feminine side; Women who love the sexuality thats hidden and suppressed deep inside them over years, women who crave to bring out that little slut inside them and want to enjoy her by submitting to dominant masculinity. I find such women to be very naturally feminine, slutiness is about being feminine to the core and embracing your femininity without feeling guilty. Such women give out so much dark sexual energy to men who are masculine in their core and men like me thrive on this dark sexual feminine energy or love. If wives could understand that husbands love your LIGHT feminine side of; loving , giving, nurturing, being understanding towards us and the children we have together, BUT we also NEED your DARK feminine side as described above And if a wife can balance these two Feminine energys of LIGHT and DARK and love their husband with this dual love, three things would happend straight away, divorce rates would fall, the porn industry would die, and we would have much more meaningfull and loving marriages!
I feel that sharing ones wife with DOMINANT MEN (Any colour as long as they appeal to her) is about allowing the woman you love, the mother of your children, your soulmate, to experience dominant masculine sexuality at it's highest level for the satisfaction of her feminine submissive sexuality at the deepest level. Women are wired to feel deep sexual attraction for dominanant "testestorone full" men, this is especially true at the time when they are ovulating and most fertile, nothing we men should be scared about as husbands and instead we should embrace this and use it for our lovers complete sexual satisfaction and to use this to increase sexual satisfaction in our marriage.

Very importantly women are also wired to choose "Mr Nice Guy" over "Mr Bad Guy" for the long term, and "Mr Bad Guy" for short deep sexual pleasure from time to time (particularly when she is most fertile). And I feel that by allowing your woman/wife to have this pure animalistic masculine sexual pleasure from dominant men you are allowing her to keep her deep attachment and "long term" need for everything you represent (Mr Nice Guy) in her life and at the same time giving her the opportunity to explore her DARK feminine/sluty side without feeling insecured about her Primary Love, protector, father of her children and motherhood, in a stable, well balanced and long term loving relationship/marriage.

Want to hear from others what's your take on this subject.