Would you walk into the hood...


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Even though Amie is attracted to the dangerous "thug" kind of black man, it would be too dangerous to do something like this. She has taken her share of risks (that's another story) but not something like this.
I would be afraid to walk but me and Jessica love to drive thru the black areas of town. Believe it or not alot of times guys are afraid to talk to us :(
My ex who didn't like the idea of a BBC in her, always sent me scenarios and fantasized for me during sex. She actually had ran over a scenario justtt like this. She was walking home from school in her schoolgirl outfit and 3 black men forced themselves on her. There was much more details but yeahhh.


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I would never do that, it sounds like a good way to get an STD!!
You are probably right and it is hard to believe that a husband and wife would do this but I have seen this fantasy talked about before. With this being a popular fantasy you would have to think that someone has actually gone through with it. I'd be willing to bet the reality would not live up to the fantasy, both the husband and wife would have to get off by totally losing control. Even if no STDs are caught it could be a potentially very dangerous situation to put your wife in...could you handle that?


...and ask the biggest scariest thug to bang your wife?

...ask all his friends to dump their baby batter into your wife's puckered asshole?

I would so do this they could all fuck my girlfriend and gangbang the shit out of her then I'd pay them and say thank you ;) $$