Wife changes - a wanabes guide in pdf

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    This is a reformatted PDF version of the subforum of Nworshipunlimited.com. Saving this was one of the things I learnt to do after the very original n....worship.com went down all those years ago.

    Due to the popularity and CONSTANT complaining I have now managed to get all the pieces back together and PDF'ed.
    It was a colossal thread of techniques for subtle persuasion on our wives and girlfriends and certainly has received much praise from people around the world as helping to bring out that natural slut and much harassment to getting me to reapply myself to this Titan.
    There are yet more pieces on hypnosis from various angles of interest I am placing back together from recordings and one damaged hard drive that I have made almost recoverable as well as the PDF from becoming the bull thread.

    I hope it can become readable to those many who need some small illumination into the dark night of their frustrating despair. LOL nothing like being dramatic !)


    Good Luck.

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    OMG This actually works!

    Thanks for the info Hephastus. See your dropping this all over the NET and I now know why.

    Just so guys know I've been using this for 2 weeks having seen him showing it on another site and have already noticed real slutty changes in my straight laced wife. Shes jumping on me for sex which I can only just give her having gone from 2 times in 2 weeks normally to 5 times in this last one week and openly asked me to introduce a black vibrator/dildo into love making, which is the suggestions I've been giving her over the last 2 weeks coupled with a strong desire to want to fuck black men for real but using this as the 'small steps' you describe. Its great because I'm fitting this way round all the other things I wanted to do like introduce her to IR porn. I had no idea how to begin introducing this to my wife and you have offered me a very sophisticated way. SIMPLE and BRILLIANT. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    How often do you need to do the Loving Whispers / month?
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    Incredibly simple devastatingly effective

    Thanks for the thanks Mikey - sounds like your having some great responses from her with helping to bring that natural slut out!

    Re how often:
    As often as you can and remembering that at least 3 times a month AND many times more if you can because the more you can do this the more effective it will be.


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    I use dto be a smoker yeah yeah I know disgusting. Anyway I used a selfhyopnosis audio at night and fouud that after about 2 weeks things started to seep into my mind and interefrring with old patterns of that behavor to the point I could no longer smoke even if I tried. BUT after about a month of not listening I found it started to get easier to think about and then reach for those cigs. So I had to keep toppin up that self hypnosis. Oh yeah and the reason other than speaking to the guy that used this on his wife is that I used to fall asleep all the time listening to my no smoking self hypno mp3s all the time and it didnt make any difference because it all went in and did what it was meant to do.

    So anyway been doing this say a month and she is really beginning to turn I can see so many changes in her . Id never thought this would be possible turning a prim and proper conservative wife back into the pre marriage slut i knew might still be there. She never ever admitted she like black men and now we are doing fantasy with her using this black vibrator.
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    I tried it the other night and got busted. So be careful. After doing it
    For 10 minutes or so she rolled over and said stop it. Never opened her eyes and I didn't think she actually woke up but the next afternoon she asked what all the talking was about. I acted dumb and said idk and asked what I was saying. All she said was it was quite disturbing.