Why white women love BBC


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I'm a black guy and have been with all types of women but for me white women are the most sexy and submissive and are aways willing to Plz a big black dick just want some comments from the lady's on here and u guys to why is that cause not all black guys are bless down. Below as. You. Can see like me as soon as they feel my man hood they give it up to me I love being who I am a strong black man in a white females world


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Black men have the persona of being the bad boy which attracts white women. White women love the alpha male types. The racial taboo can play a role in that white women are doing something that society has told them is wrong. The color contrast, the curiosity, the cock size for many black men, the physical strength and athletic ability, the rhythmic movements, the dominance and confidence of a black man, the deep voice, the way a black man can control white women, the deep dark eyes, etc. Many white women long to be submissive and dream to go there, but they also need to know they will be safe if they do. White women want to be taken care of and will take care of you in return. For a white wife it isn’t about love and commitment, it’s about passion and excitement and yearning to feel alive in a lustful affair.
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To me, no matter what a man's skin color is, the important thing is that he knows how to use what he has. I will admit, though, that I do like black men. I like that they are aggressive, take what they want, and can usually get it or keep it up after the cum. Black men usually have a shorter time between times when they cum and can get hard again. As I said, usually.

I have been with a few black men who were not that great in bed. The thing is that no mater what the man's skin color, it really boils down to his sexual experience. It really has nothing to do with skin color or who a man is in bed, it is simply a matter of experience. Just like the old phrase . . . practice makes perfect.
For me it's the dominant aspect. I'm very submissive, and I love being controlled and told what to do. Pleasing the man comes before pleasing myself. I'm sure there are white guys out there who are just as aggressive, but seeing the skin contrast when a black cock is pumping me full of seed can really get me going. ;)
Being an older mature Bull and having been married to sista's. I made the mistake of bending to social and family pressure and not going with my gut instincts. I have found and liked the interaction with White ladies both socially and sexually and on the same wavelength for the longest. Now that they are coming out and saying they are submissive to a Brother, is really a real change in the social attitudes. As an older single brother, I am indicating on the Over 55 Dating sites, Dominant and Strong Personality. The submissive women will get it..