Why is this such a huge turn-on?!

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    Hi everyone. I should post in the introduction forum but I wanted to post here. I'm 25 and my wife is 22. We are as sexually open minded as can be, as there are practically zero taboos in our relationship.

    I'm going to cut to the chase. I want to watch a black man with a monster cock drill her. She wants this, too. In fact, we've been talking about it almost daily (it would be daily if life wasn't life...) since July. Here's why I'm so turned on by the prospect of her being blacked: she's a short (5'1"), thick/chubby blonde from the south (US) that was raised by racist parents. She told me a while back that most of her friends in school were black guys and she always fantasized and wondered about how big their dicks were.

    To me, I'm just turned on by the prospect of watching her with another man. The man being black with a BBC makes this 500% hotter, just because of her history and background.

    I'm more into the hotwife aspect than the cuckold stuff, because I'm not too big on the humiliation aspect, but lately during sex or when my wife jacks me off, I've told her to tell me certain things ("I need more than you", "I need a cock that's bigger and better than yours", "I need a big cock but only if it's black and bigger than you", "You're just not enough", "I'd let a BBC take me away from you for one night", "I'd let a BBC own me more than I let you do", "I'd fuck a black guy more than you"...etc. etc...)...

    And you know what? In the last few months of her talking like that, I've cum HARDER than ever. I don't know why. I really fucking don't, everybody. It's the biggest turn-on in the world imagining her being blacked! She has the sexiest moans and facial expressions (during sex) I've ever seen. I can't help but wonder what she'd look and sound like in the first moments of receiving a BBC!

    I'm not sure why I want this so badly, though. I'm not a subservient person by any means. I'm a big, active guy with a hardcore leadership mentality in life. I have a lot of business-related goals I chase after daily. I'm dominant in the bedroom with her. But... I just want to watch her get fucked by a big, black cock. Not once, but I'd love to introduce a bull to our relationship! She wants it, too. We definitely want this. We have our stipulations, though, just like everyone else: 1.) can't be a rude jackass of a human being, 2.) respectful, 3.) good hygiene, etc. etc.

    We've lightly dabbled in hotwife/cuckold situations. She jacked my best friend off and sucked his dick until he came in her mouth (right in front of me). However, his dick is slightly smaller than mine. It still turned me on like crazy to watch her do that, but she needs a monster, and that monster has to be a BBC.
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    Well sweetie, it is a wonderful sexual life. Most important though is that it is sex, pure sexual gratification. She needs to keep the emotional side for just you!! My cuck hubby loves me being black only. He had seen me with many white men over the years which he enjoyed but going black took it to a much sexier, much hotter level for both of us. However, fantasy and reality are different, and with all his experience he still struggled in the beginning because I loved it so much that I wanted it a lot! Plus my first black guy would fuck me for 3-5 hours, with me resting as needed. I was having multiple squirting orgasms which I never had before. Once you flip the switch, it is something that is difficult for many women to stop. Jealousy can happen, so make sure you check your ego at the door.
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    I understand,that about him being black,when I was trying to get my girlfriend to fuck a black man,she would question me,as to why he had to be black,sometimes it would end up with us being mad,I told her if she fucked a white man,I
    Would take that as cheating,then when she finally did fuck my black friend,there was no doubt that it would be black men in her pussy from now on,turns out,it will be black men in all her holes from now on.the picture is my friend,her first of many,a new way of life.subservent to the black man,she has proven that she can an will do that very well,