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Who is your favorite Interracial Webmisstres of all Time?

Having been a connoisseur of the sites of webmistresses who are primarily or exclusively into black men, I have enjoyed so many over the years. I greatly loved Chicago Sue and Karen Kay for their beauty and being such originals, as well as others like Susan Reno and Amber Love who came along shortly afterward. I also love Sara Swirls for the wonderful combination of the great looks and total nastiness with which she promoted IR cuckolding, and in that same regard thought Katie Kox has also done some real quality work. Alson in the IR cuckolding genre Holly from Wifebreeders and Naughty Tonya did some excellent work as well.

While not exclusive to black men, hotwife Jackie has been one of my all time favorites for being so classy and elegant in her work as a black cock Queen and the same goes for Janet Mason in that regard. Another wonderful website that unfortunately went away along time ago was myhotwifetanya.com. While we never got to see Tanya's face, in a way that is what made her website about her life as an IR cuckoldress all the more real and her videos were still great. Then there was of course the immortal teen Spring Thomas, whose cute little body and spunky BBC only attitude left me glued to my computer for hours on end.

My favorite of all time though, the much less heralded but absolutely incredible Rebecca Dream. Truly the woman who looks like the MILF next door. Her classy, every day nature yet incredibly gorgous looks combined with the absolute zeal she exhibits for her black lovers has just amazed me for nearly 10 years now. In my mind no woman gives herself with more passion to black men in her work than she does, and I love how in Dark Cavern site she has her ongoing "Ask a MILF" section, a Dear Abby for white females and couples who want to follow in her footsteps as hotwife for black men. She should be given a lifetime achievement award for the way she has promoted the interracial hotwife lifestyle. While there are many Ivory Goddesses in this pantheon of sexuality, to me Rebecca Dream reigns supreme. Let the debates begin!
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