White Women Who Advertise For Black Men

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The only common link to these photos, some bound to be fake, is where all were posted.

These come from online personals and are/were in the 'White Women Seeking Black Men" category.

There are a million online dating and hook up sites. When theme dating, like IR, or kink dating is the subsection- it is interesting to see what sort of person responds.IR subsections are more popular- both loved and hated- on many multi focus or broad spectrum dating sites as of the past few years.

For the last time, I am sure more then a few images are fake. That said at least 5 are real since there were hook ups and follow up details from a few parties. Even two that had dates but the pairing did not hit it off and fuck.

I find personal ad sections on other more main level dating sites, that have IR subsections, to be amusing to view. Hard core swinger fuck sites like AFF or Lifestyle Lounge have their own sort of person or couple it pulls. So many dating sites and personal pages, local or not, are gone within a year; nature of a Dot Com business I guess. CL and the old Match.com and ilk standbys keep on going however.

IR only, as with this board and others, can put some people off when they are looking to hook up but fear being traced to a blatantly themed site of a niche sexual tilt. That or those people lie to themselves about any IR kink they have and like the denial/safety zone of looking for IR hook ups on non exclusive IR sites vs the IR ONLY ones.

Anyway... I liked these pics I found and thought I'd post for the hey of it.Since I don't look to the net for my hook ups, I take a birds eyes view and clinical eye of the interactions (real and fake) for an amusing show that unfolds.

Not that I think I am so smart or that I am special since I don't truck to meeting (normally) from online. Only that it is interesting to watch what happens when you are objective and not needing nor seeking to win or gain anything from what takes place before you.

If you like pics of white women: Enjoy!
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