White women pregnant by black men


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I am new here so finding my way round,
My wife got pregnant 28 yrs ago sorry 29 and it was a result of cheating, the circumstances were not acceptable at time for me to forgive her let alone her having black baby and we split up and she went off with this black guy, I would still see her around occasionally and her belly swollen ,but one day I bumped into her in shopping centre ended up chatting she came back for coffee and we ended up fucking(at her instigation not mine I hasten to add)
Two weeks later to the day we met again and same thing happened ,this time she asked me to take her back, which I refused.
Two months later she came around she had given birth and pleaded for us to get back together, we fucked twice that day and I weakened and agreed
The following day she moved back despite my reservations I wanted the sex so much and it was so good I had thisdea in my head of I'd use her for sex until I found someone else, the other contributory factor in me agreeing was I was now actually turned on by the thought of her fucking other men, I didn't love her in same way but thought I could use her for the want of a better word and enjoy her fucking around and get best sex I'd had on regular basis
She was so desperate to please me she would agree anything to please me, and I wanted her to fuck around as much as she could
I ended up baby sitting for her go out fucking, and became a "cuckold" before I very heard of the term
29 yrs on I'm not baby sitting any more but a wait at home cuckold very much addicted and madly in love I would do anything for her to keep this going
How things change lol