White on Asian Cuckolding

I know we all love and enjoy true interracial cuckolding. But I was just wondering about opportunities for the few worthy white males out there to cuckold Asian males and breed Asian wives with their cocks. Since obviously all white males are unworthy of white pussy that doesn't mean that the few remaining non cuckolded cock cages white males might be allowed an Asian breeding Orgy. Do those exist for pathetic white husband's to easy their wounds at being conquered by the superior Black African Man Cock?
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Lana, you are fully sick! I experienced something that wasn't exactly "cuckold" or "breeding", but certainly along the lines of your enquiry.

I went to a party about 7 years back. Frankly I was VERY lucky to get invited, being 47 yo at the time. But I had a 33 yo Asian girlfriend in college, who knew younger Asian women, and I got connected that way. We got invited to a dance party - or at least I thought it was - because an entire nightclub got booked out for the evening.

There was a select invited list. The entry cost was ridiculous (but worth it, I was informed), dress standard VERY high, and the security on the door incredible. After waiting in a queue for 15 minutes and getting through 2 levels of security, including handing over my phone, I found myself admitted into heaven itself. There were about 120 or so glamorous and gorgeous Asian gals and hordes of single, white studs in their 20's - lawyers and other professionals.

Anyway, once in, there were no rules. It wasn't an orgy as such - but it was an exercise in getting lots of white cock into Asian pussy. But certainly there was fucking and group sex at the venue for the more adventurous, especially as the evening wore on.
Well asian is very broad and different. Chinese, japenese etc is one thing but indian, pakistani etc is another. Brown cock is great also ;-)
I think white males prefer the Chinese, Japanese, but if they want those others fine. They just aren't worth of white pussy. Penises too small. But I love my Asian sisters and think they deserve to be happy. Eventually when China becomes more immigrant friendly they may get the superior black cock.