What if black women started cuckolding black dudes?

That would be so awesome, I know for a fact that there are beautiful young black women who love white men. I know I talk to them online :)


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What makes you think they don't???
Women are women and men are men and will do what they do regardless of race.
While that particular match up may not be as prevalent or as popular with white male fantasies in order to demand website coverage as black men with white women does, it happens just as it does with Asians, Latins, and whatever other ethnic or racial group with each other.


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This thread has the potential to become an informative, serious discussion of the world of black women, with the right contributors. A lot has been written in recent years about the frustrations of black women in finding/establishing suitable, life-long, black male relationships. Writings by Shannon Rucker (Relationships With Men), and Jimi Izrael (The Denzel Principle) are definitely worth the reading. Of course, black men may not like some of their character bashing pleasing, or the fact that many black men tend to think more about their dicks than using their brains. Some of the points discussed:
  • in the long term, black women are afraid of being alone and are not fully happy or fulfilled with the lack of availability and selection of quality, black men around them
  • they can tell a lot about a man by how he treats the women around him
  • recognizing the men they can build relationships with vs those that are actually harmful to their health, and their own self worth
  • the tendency of men to put more value on their manhood and those around them vs their realization of their humanity
  • the black female's desire to quit being an accessory & trophy to their men's performance and masculinity
  • 71% of black, college grads are women, and currently outnumber their male counterparts 7:1
The whole purpose, by these writers (both black females), seem to be to encourage black men, in general, to make a reassessment of their goals and values, and how black women could play a part in helping them accomplish that. It would be interesting to read some opinions/thoughts of some of the black male posters in this forum. Mac :smoke:
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I think people just need to be treated as individuals. No stereotypes. No colors. No rumors. Just people. Then they will find the RIGHT partner for them, regardless of color, religion, video game affiliation, or anything else. I am attracted to a certain type of woman. So is every other guy in the world. Women, the same way. The perfect person for me is probably very different from the perfect person for everyone else (at least I hope so. lol.). Fantasy is nice. But we live in the real world (at least, most of us do. lol.).


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I'm sure some do...although that number is probably very, very low in comparison.
There are submissive black men out there...quite a few. But they tend to be involved in the racial domination aspect. There are quite a number of sites devoted to pretty white women degrading black men...google it. I've seen a few...they're very interesting.