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    I had confided in my fiancé (girlfriend at the time) that I had the fantasy of watching her with another man. Long story short, she did not shoot it down but was not into it at the time. We got engaged and had a vacation and I once again confided in her my fantasy had not changed. She was much more receptive this time around. Telling me it was something she could see us doing at a time if/when our sex life goes dry.

    We ordered some sex toys. She picked out a vibrator and some other little things. I picked out a large black vibrating dildo with the intention of just having it in the house if/when the day comes she wants to try it out. I plan on letting her make that call. I told her it will be in the house if she ever wants to try it but I won't pressure it. During the last time we had sex, as she was about to cum, I surprised myself by blurting out "imagine my cock was a little longer, little wider" or something to that effect. She responded by saying "i don't know, yours feels pretty damn big to me" which obviously I don't hate hearing haha. I never thought I would say such a thing, but I have to think its a step in the right direction. We will see.
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    Re: What Has Happened Thus Far ...
    Congrats on showing patience with your lady; I'd say you're going about it in a methodical but courteous way. I think that will reap you bonuses on down the road. We guys have the tendency to desire going from point A to point B in the quickest and straightest way ... women tend to be wired to desire the experience of the journey between point A and point B. You're building "points" with her by doing it her way, trust me. ;)
    Hopefully the two of you will never reach that "dry" stage of sex she mentioned. Possibly building her interest in experiencing 2 guys (you being one of them) will help reassure her that taking another man's cock won't upset you or damage the relationship, thus helping you move along to your ultimate goal a little more quickly. In fact, MMF is my wife's alternative preference to our monogamous sex. Just keep her "needs" before your "wants" and I think things may work out, eventually to your satisfaction ... :) Mac
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