What attracts you the most about a black man? And fellas what attracts you the most about white woma

JaMario Johnson

Real Person
I am a BBC and for me I love white women but what gets me the most is pretty eyes and sexy face. It turns me on more when I can see your expression while I'm punishing that kitty.
Well lets see I like that they are confident, athletic, they love to dance and have fun, they often dress very well and take a lot of pride in their appearance. They really want to please me. I love watching a black cock against my white skin at it slides inside of my pussy stretching me and completely filling me up. That is very exciting for me the color contrast. I sometimes love being dominated and they are definitely willing to step up and be the man and take charge. And the fact that they often have a huge cock is pretty awesome to.
Yeah like other people has said its part taboo. For me ive always like the white girls with the long blonde hair and blue or green eyes. And even the redheads. Redheads tend to have pailer skin and freckles which I really like.