What about a 'Queening' forum

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should there be a queening forum for all the lovely ladies

  1. yes i want to hear ladies share hot stories, sex tips and fun ideas for what gets them hot and juicy

  2. no it should all be about the mens perspective

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  1. Noreen

    Noreen Well-Known Member Gold Member

    something that better relates to those couples (or single women) who enjoy sleeping with multiple men. whether one after another or at the same time.

    the cuckolding forum seems too much about what men want and how men feel about it. what about a forum for women to describe how they think and feel about this stuff. and maybe post pictures and videos that're more geared to a woman's tastes and fantasy...

    good idea or what?
  2. youngblackcock

    youngblackcock Member

    I think so will it be about you guys adventures with bbc
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  3. Noreen

    Noreen Well-Known Member Gold Member

    it should be. every other forum is flooded with guys asking guys questions about guys.
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  4. shaziaxxxmv

    shaziaxxxmv Guest

    YAY!!!!!!! .... Superhot idea....... I'm starting to like this site a lot more...... xxx
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