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Visiting Dallas and the Dallas area.


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We are going to be in Dallas and the nearby Dallas area March 20th (in Frisco) and 21st (in Dallas). She is looking for a bareback gangbang breeding session. No more than 4-5 guys as it gets unmanageable after that amount. She is very picky but if you're her type it will be a fun night. She is only into huge hung dominant guys that are over 35 and in decent shape. You need to be spotlessly clean as well as shaved or trimmed up down there. No gangsta types. The meeting would be late-night as we have other obligations early in the night that bring us into the area. She is into oral, bareback, fisting, ass slapping, breeding, facials, swallowing, He was turned out by her first black master to be a cuckold and will preform any necessary cuckold duties. He has no pussy rights and is locked in a cockcage 24/7 since she has no use for white cock. She will make some exceptions if they are huge. But he's never getting any pussy again so that's all that matters.