1. Hotwifecali

    Are there any real breeding videos? I'm intrigued to see

    Does anyone know of any real breeding videos where the woman was either ovulating or actually impregnated? I'm intrigued to see how it goes down. Thanks!
  2. Guy eats cum from his girl's pussy

    Guy eats cum from his girl's pussy

    It's professional porn, but worth watching
  3. Wife Cheats With BBC

    Wife Cheats With BBC

  4. Penetration & Concentration Pt. 2

    Penetration & Concentration Pt. 2

  5. Masked Misstress

    Masked Misstress

  6. Skinny girl blacked

    Skinny girl blacked

  7. GF Cheats On BF with BBC

    GF Cheats On BF with BBC

  8. O

    Reparations in South Africa

    We are currently having public hearings regarding land reparations, here in South Africa. My opinion... I'm sure most African men would agree that White people could stay on our land, as long as they take up their rightful places in the home: The men as cuckboi slaves and the women as our sexy...
  9. blackmaster13

    BBC looking for white women in Cincinnati

    I am 30, 6'0 BBC that is looking for any white women in Cincinnati area. Any age and any shape is ok with me as long as you have confidence. Get in touch with me and lets get together.
  10. video-1528810069.mp4


    Julie getting creampied
  11. Young Philly fertile Hotwife takes load #2

    Young Philly fertile Hotwife takes load #2

    Wife comes over to get video from hubby, but not on pill. Gave her 2 thick loads (hopefully a plan B after)
  12. WhiteEuroBoi

    Black Cocks Have a MUCH Better Breeding Power, too!

    In addition to black cocks being so huge, I recently read an article that they produce much more sperm and seamen than that of a white penis. And, due to their longness, a lot of them are able to directly hit the womb, while a white penis struggles to fit through the vaginal wall. Here is the chart:
  13. Breeding session with Philly regular

    Breeding session with Philly regular

    Getting deep inside her. Politely suggested that she forget her pill the next cpl of days :)
  14. ModernMarriage

    Why it’s fair that a cuckold is denied sex

    There is a reason you agreed to have sex with other men in the first place, right? He couldn’t satisfy you the way you needed to be satisfied. Because let’s face it, when having sex, he is getting all the pleasure, and you’re feeling unpleasured, empty and unhappy, and that’s not fair. So...
  15. 734.avi


    IR couple having fun in some dorm room. She wanted to swallow his load, but he decided to nut in his white GF's pussy where it belongs. 29:39
  16. E

    Cuckold Simulator: an interactive game where you get your wife black bred

    Thought I'd dump some images from the game and get a discussion going. What do people want to see in the game? What fetishes should be included?
  17. White Teen PAWG Rides and Creams BBC for Creampie.mp4

    White Teen PAWG Rides and Creams BBC for Creampie.mp4

  18. Young girlfriend comes over, needs big dick

    Young girlfriend comes over, needs big dick

    Local cuckold sent over his gf who he couldn't handle, requested her to be filled
  19. loveir_black-bred-white-babe.avi


    "I'm not on birth control"
  20. BabyBreeder

    Who wants to be bred and impregnated?

    Looking for women who wants me to breed them and give them black babies