1. kingbreed77


    Serious women / couples based in LA / VEGAS / ARIZONA ONLY - or if you TRAVEL TO THESE AREAS OFTEN 6’3 Black male Fully tested & clean std free Seeking white women to breed with no strings attached I love busty , pawg , bbw , red heads Pm me for more info
  2. Deep in her.jpeg

    Deep in her.jpeg

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    Bull filling on the 4th of July

    Good morning
  5. Hotwife breeding bbc Sydney Australia

    Hotwife breeding bbc Sydney Australia

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  6. MrsJ_loves_dbs.jpg


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  7. bbc breeding

    bbc breeding

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  8. R

    Anybody tried breeding for real?

    Anybody tried breeding for real. How was it ? Is the relationship still fine?
  9. kissingMrsS.jpg


    Unleashing our pent up lust at the beginning of our creampie weekend.
  10. she’s serving me her white meat

    she’s serving me her white meat

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  11. IMG_0819.JPG


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  12. Blackbachelor

    Seeding white wives

    Black Bull living in Orlando, Fl, been shooting my seed into white wives for a few years now. Most of them are already fixed. But! I did have one who had a "miscarriage" with my seed. Would love to find single or married white women who would be "sincerely" interested in actually being...
  13. Larry48

    Looking for Bull in Connecticut

    Hello all you bulls that are in the state of Connecticut. I am here to do a friend a favor. There is a couple (friends) I have in Connecticut that are looking for a bull! I am in Texas and the travel would be a whooping! If you are interested in a 28 yo, white hotwife, with 32D breast...
  14. SuperiorBlackM

    Any mature wife into young black men in here?

    Hello, I'm a 20 year old black man really into women more... experienced than me, married is a big plus. I'm kind of new to the site so if there are any who are into it, hi, would love to talk to you.
  15. L

    New Cuckold

    Hello, 18 years old White boy, just introduced to interracial. Ready to submit to a queen of spades for encouraging her to fuck Black or to A black Bull for serving and helping to end white race. I love to be humiliated especially in breeding world (means how useless i am for breeding a girl...
  16. Candi sucks Daddys cock deep throat.mp4

    Candi sucks Daddys cock deep throat.mp4

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  17. BlackInWhitePNW

    How would you breed this little blonde snowbunny? Very special friend is exploring the possibilities.

    My special friend would truly like to know how a curvy little white girl body like this would hold up being bred from behind by a bbc. A very special request. Please help her out, fellas, and enlighten us with your expertise. She's considering the possibilities but wants to assess how this sort...
  18. BlackInWhitePNW

    Appropriate body for a bbc? My friend would truly appreciate your expert opinion.

    Wish there was a way to delete these. Had to post elsewhere do to a few mess-ups. Sorry bout that.
  19. Institute of Human Breeding - Archive Number 2

    Institute of Human Breeding - Archive Number 2

    Institute of Human Breeding - Archive Number 2
  20. Mikejones321

    Bbc Melbourne fl

    Looking for some play in my free time. 27 5’3 180 7.5-8c