queen of spades

  1. kingbreed77

    HOT WIFE TRAINING LA / socal / vegas

    Any hot wives in LA / so cal looking to be trained into the queen of spades / black men only lifestyle hit me up -
  2. Hotwife Confessions #01

    Hotwife Confessions #01

    Some of you might know Seka, from her profile here on B2W. Recently we got to "meat" her and during that time she shared some interesting things about her life and her addiction to BIG BLACK COCK!
  3. QoS bikini

    QoS bikini

    Wife got her QoS bikini in
  4. QoS touchup 1 11.3.18.jpg

    QoS touchup 1 11.3.18.jpg

    Wife touched up her QoS tattoo to help it pop.
  5. AlotaAnaconda

    Bull living in Portland, OR

    I'm originally from NC but retired in Washington State and now living in Portland. I look forward to chatting and sharing content with all who decide to cross my path. Feel free to contact me if your close, in the same state or visiting from another state. I have a group I call the Bull Pen and...
  6. Queen waiting for bull to arrive

    Queen waiting for bull to arrive

    Queen of spade going commando at casino
  7. CAM01399.mp4


    Cuckold couple and their Unicorn after the club with me and my partner in crime.
  8. YouCut_20181021_184636308.mp4


    QOS squirting all over my Thick BBC
  9. YouCut_20181012_102222102.mp4


    The Bull Pen In Action with Two QOS
  10. Queen of spades

    Queen of spades

    Advertising fo tonight
  11. IMG_2402.MOV


    9.22.18 ~ Wife's boyfriend gets to test the depth of her tight white pussy while I watch and jerk off..
  12. 20180331_213443.mp4


    Fucking my favorite QoS
  13. Qos anklet

    Qos anklet

  14. Queen of spades Russia

    Queen of spades Russia

  15. BBC workout

    BBC workout

    Love watching my wife get that good dick and getting a little workout in the process.. glad he has something she can ride like that.
  16. BtoW-Preparing-07.jpg


    Black lingerie? Perfect. A removable qos-tattoo on my right ankle...
  17. W

    Looking for a QoS

    Hey, Just a small dicked 48 yo white guy near Philly. Addicted to all things interracial and cuck. Looking for a Queen of Spades that would enjoy a cuck to watch, tease, humiliate and someone that would love to film her getting the REAL cocks she deserves. Feel free to say hi. Not much I...
  18. Stand & Deliver

    Stand & Deliver

    9.22.18 ~ Wife getting fucked standing up. She really liked it! Always great to see my wife getting fucked in a way she doesn't get at home with me. Isn't variety the spice of life?
  19. Married white whore has the fever!

    Married white whore has the fever!

    gone black, never going back
  20. camo4.jpg


    Asian hotwife getting ready for her BBC date.