cuck chastity

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    Me holding my bull in my hot tub
  3. D

    Denver Hot wife & cuckold for BBC Bull

    We are a hot wife chastity cuckold couple looking for my first Black cock bull. I am 40, 5'4, 130. I am located near the Denver area.
  4. CuckoldDE

    My Wife

    Hi. my wife say Yes!! she wold to go bbc. my ask she realy never want sex with me?
  5. lilolme

    Chastity cage advice

    Has anyone seen a chastity cage designed for an erect penis, one that say a hollow dildo could go over so I can ride hubby but he will feel nothing at all?
  6. LordGerthVador

    Cuckmatchmaker/ Cuck LifeCoach

    Certified and Credentialed Accredited and Respected I am confident I can help a cuck, cuckwannabe,sub,sissy,CD etc become a better version of themselves. Real Life Life Coach. Moreover matching them with viable options after proper grooming so that when they get with ladies they stay. Lastly...
  7. WhiteEuroBoi

    How Many of You White Guys Are Currently in Chastity Cages?

    I'm 22 and a cuckold for my wonderful, sexy white girlfriend named Amber. I have a small white worm for a dick and she gets a thick 12" inch black cock by the Bull I watch fuck her. She moans and yells in pleasure that I'd never be able to please her to that extent. My small dick is so useless...

    My Cuckold Hubby's Cock Cage

    How many of you cuck guys put it on?
  9. LordGerthVador

    Cuckmatchmaking Events

    It seems the word is getting out. More and more wannabes are becoming real cucks. Over 140 men still with their cuck queens to date , its obvious something is being done right. I can come to your city and cuck coach you. I can even put on a nice bbc/qos/cuck event in your area to make your...
  10. LordGerthVador

    Cuckmatchmaking/cuck consulting

    Are you a cuck wanna be? (meaning you desire to serve beautiful women who serve blackmen) Are you in a relationship and desire your significant lady to cuck you? Do you seek to speak with a well traveled Gentleman who speaks with Real Queen of Spades? 98% success rate.
  11. cuckboi206

    Piercing the cuck for a chastity device

    I have a Prince Albert ring in my penis which is used to secure my steel chastity device, The ring also works on it's own as it is over in inch in diameter so I can not have intercourse. Just wondering if any of my fellow cucks have had their wives or girlfriends insist on a piercing?
  12. My first comparison

    My first comparison

    He is going limp just finished Fucking my girl in my bed.
  13. stehlen

    Pending Verification Verify this caged cuckold...wanna be JoS.

    Please help this caged cuckold complete a JoS fantasy...
  14. W

    I would like be cuckold

    :)Hey how' it going everyone ! I'm just a little white ! And Yes !!! I know my place in the NEW BIG BLACK ORDER And i agree ! I have 32 years old I would like be cuckold ! I'm single i have regular body (I'm not fat) And 5'11 tall i live in Pensacola - Florida. I'm looking for a cuckold...
  15. MasterFW4

    22y black male in Cincinnati,OH looking for submissive singles and couples

    Hi, 22y black Dom/bull looking for submissive Singles and couples to get to know and set up a Dom/subs relationship with.
  16. Chew000

    Hey, new here

    23 year old white male. Would love to meet some new ppl
  17. Deecuck

    Visiting Dallas and the Dallas area.

    We are going to be in Dallas and the nearby Dallas area March 20th (in Frisco) and 21st (in Dallas). She is looking for a bareback gangbang breeding session. No more than 4-5 guys as it gets unmanageable after that amount. She is very picky but if you're her type it will be a fun night. She is...
  18. N

    Salisbury/Concord, NC

    Experienced cuck looking for BBC queen to serve, watch, clean and pamper.
  19. URpatheticCuck

    My Seven Favorite Photograph Cuckold Series...only wish I had the video

    These seven photographs pretty much sum it up for moi :)
  20. Jimsopen

    White cucks who

    Want to be with/marry white women they can never fuck Too extreme? Hot ?