Piercing the cuck for a chastity device

I have a Prince Albert ring in my penis which is used to secure my steel chastity device, The ring also works on it's own as it is over in inch in diameter so I can not have intercourse. Just wondering if any of my fellow cucks have had their wives or girlfriends insist on a piercing?
I have one of these, my ring is 10mm thich and needs a screwdriver to remove. My ring is about 35mm wide. what we have found is that we are still able to have sex (a ring any bigger would mean that i wouldn't) she loves the feeling of it inside her and i have found that as it remove some of the sensation to my frenulum which means that i last longer.
I'm no longer able to just push it in a fuck fast as it pulls on the ring. All in all i think it is a positive thing for me, i love the feeling and knowing that i have something a little different and special to most guys out there.
i certainly like you can get a very large ring i.e. 45mm which would mean that you would be able to have sex, but you still have access to your willy.