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I know that alot of girls like bad boys, does that play into the desire for black men? or is it just dick? alot of times I see white girls and all girls really clamoring over the thug types and I was wondering if that had anything to do with the infatuation?

What is your fav type of black man?

I have many different types of women I love but usually my #1 type are the shy, quiet, innocent seeming ones until you get them in the bed :)

Please share all thoughts and opinions, fellas you can also describe your fav type of female.

Just something to get the forum going alittle.


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I know a lot of us ladies may not admit it but we do love the bad boys. In my case not so much the 'thugs' but the guys you know deep down arent going to ask to marry you or do the right thing. They get you to do stuff you shouldnt do, film it 'promising not to put it on the net', then you moan afterwards. But you love it really.
Im sort of shy and need persuading, but thats what I want from black guys, make me do stuff I wouldnt do normally and I will break down and do it.
One of my favourite characters on TV over the last year was Joe Carroll from The Following, a serial killing maniac! But he was lovely! (I know its only TV before people get upset). Bad boys rule! X