TRUE STORY: Yesterday Afternoon


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I wanted to share with you what happened yesterday. It's a true story and was very unexpected.

We put up a craigslist ad looking for a new 420 connection. We received hundreds of replies but one of them stuck out. It was a guy local to us, 28 years old, had great prices.

We set it up so he would drop by and we'd pick up and he'd be on his way. He came by a little bit early and I was just getting out of the shower. Instead of making him wait she ran out to meet him, while I got dressed.

I got out there just a few minutes later and when I walked up to his car I was filled in on what I had missed. He had apparently made her an offer to "work out a discount". She had told him he would have to ask me when I came out.

She was smiling ear to ear and I could tell she really wanted that discount. He filled us in on what he had in mind and she was more than willing. We told him to come in and she led him to the bedroom. She pulled down his shorts, dropped to her knees and started stroking him.

It was supposed to be a handjob only but as he went from soft in her hands to fully erect I could tell she wanted more. She looked over at me for a second before she rolled her lips over the tip of his cock. From that point on she was an animal. After servicing him for fifteen minutes on her knees she stood up in front of us and stripped down to nothing.

"Can I fuck her?" immediately came out of his mouth and before I could even say yes, she was laying down on the bed spread eagle waiting. I insisted he use a condom, as they both protested. Even though they both tried to convince me to okay her going bareback, I refused. Better safe than sorry. He asked if he got a clean test result could he take her bareback and I told him that would be fine with me. He said he'll come back later this week with the clean result.

She was soaked and she didn't want to be teased. She slowly rubbed her clit as he slipped the condom on and lowered himself onto the bed. He slapped her clit with his cock and ran it up and down her pussy. As soon as he entered her she begged him to pound her. She didn't want any warming up, she just wanted it hard.

He took her missionary before throwing her legs over his shoulder and thrusting as deep and as hard as he could. He grabbed her around the throat and she told him "choke me". He choked her while he fucked her, telling her "You love this dick. This is what you need". She could only nod in agreement.

He let go and flipped her over. She backed up into his cock and he grabbed her hips and impaled her. He took a handful of hair and punished her pussy. She was screaming and we had to blast music to cover it so our neighbors didn't hear. She begged him to let her ride him.

She climbed on top and went to work. Her hands on the walls as he took two handfuls of her ass. He spanked her as she fucked him. She reached back and started rubbing his balls with her hand as they fucked, asking him if he was going to cum for her. He told her he'd finish all over her face and she loved it. He pushed her off and took her from behind laying down. Her one leg up in the air as she rubbed her clit.

I was masturbating watching all the action and I could not hold it anymore. She ushered me over and opened her mouth. He pushed her head onto my cock as he fucked her and I blew it down her throat. She told him she needed more and he told her to get on her knees.

He jumped up over her and ripped the condom off, he beat his cock off and came all over her face and breasts. He took her for two hours. He went through two condoms and she told him she needed it again as soon as possible.


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