Time for church

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    Friday and Saturday night were unreal. Being cheerfully obedient and dressing like his slut, hubby and you now pick up the kids from your parents on the way to church. "how was your time together?" your mom asks, of course not having any idea what a filthy slut you were the past few nights, "It was AMAZING" you answer. "I'm so glad you're in a good, holy, Christian marriage, sweetheart." "Oh..mom...you have NO idea."
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    "Sow wild oaks on Friday & Saturday nights, then go to Church on Sunday and pray for a crop failure" ... somehow I don't think there's a commitment to anyone other than the black cocks of this world.
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    When our kids were small my MIL frequently babysat on Saturday night when we entertained men at our house, back then white guys. The difference is that she knew, because she had done the same thing for years.
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    I want you deep in me, slow and fast, every night of the week. 20160627_211107.jpg 20160610_175735cx.jpg
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