The one and only time.......

This is a true story of the one and only time my wife has enjoyed bbc. It all starts when I divorced by second wife. Her and I discussed me watching her with BBC but it never materialized. All of a sudden she decided it was wrong and I was wrong for wanting it. It wasn't that desire that broke is up, there were many other issues, so we were our separate ways.

I knew what I wanted and made sure girls I dated were aware of it. While it was by no means the only requirement it was a big one. And while many were willing, it took me a couple of years to find the right one.

See, I am not into the whole humiliation, black baby, black men moving in and all the other bs you see on here. Honestly if a woman treated me like that she would be gone. I wanted a woman who enjoyed it, enjoyed me watching, and having me join in.

When I met my wife she knew from the start my desire, and we discussed it often. Finally after 8 months or so we decided to try it. We were both on our third marriages, and this one is incredible, and open to new ideas. My wife is petite, about 5' 4" small tits and a awesome ass. I am a slightly above average guy, maybe 5.5 inches.

We put an ad on Craigslist and within a few days found a guy she was attracted to. We emailed and texted with him and finally set a date to meet. From his photos he looked very well hung and my wife was very attracted. He was about 3 hours from us, so we set a place in the middle and met for dinner to see how things went. The conversation went great and we all got along very well. When he left for the restroom my wife said she wanted it to go further, so I paid the bill and we went to the car. My wife and J got into the back seat and I got into the front. It was awkward for a minute but they started to make out. While it was dark, I could see their hands were all,over one another. My wife asked if I was ok, and I replied heck yeah!!! So she said how great a kisser he was and they kept going. It wasn't long before we decided to take it to the hotel.

On the drive over my wife couldn't stop talking about fucking him, thanking me for the chance, and how big his cock was. After check in and getting to the room, it didn't take long for the clothes to go flying and soon they were both naked on the bed. He started to go down on her but she said she just ended her period a day or so ago and that might not be a good idea lol. So he got above her and slid his cock into her mouth. I was shocked how she loved him fucking her face. He wasn't rough, but steady. Eventually they rolled over and she continued sucking his cock. He was about 9 - 10 inches and very thick, my wife was in heaven.

Eventually he put on his condom (those who do bareback with strangers are foolish) rolled my wife onto her back with her legs up and slid easily into her. The moan she made was amazing as he fucked her very well shaved pussy. She never moaned like that for me and asked how I liked seeing it, I told her to not stay and she thanked me for letting her fuck him. Eventually she rolled him onto his back and rode him till she came taking him balls deep.

He fucked her in numerous positions for about 30 minutes and even fucked her while she sucked me. He finally came hard and my wife hopped off and started to ride me. I had already cum once so I was still in recovery mode lol

He said he had to go so my wife kissed him good bye and we fucked for a bit till we decided to head home

Since then we have gotten married and now even discussing it is off limits. She has a large black dildo I use on her sometimes and he loves it, but felt too guilty after fucking him, even when I tell her not to. So who knows, maybe someday I will get to see it again, but it's not looking like it will be in the near future.

Thanks for reading!!!