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The Interracial Odgis Cube


Jeff Odgis 123123

The Interracial Odgis Cube is a kind of chart of my own ingenuity. I devised it you see to track the stages and alignment of interlust, cucksubmission and just the whole Good Ol' American ball game!

Stay tuned for more updates.

Here at the categories.

Egalitarian Interracialism: This means you are only tolerant of blackwhite fucking but still harbor some racial prejudice.

Elite Interracialism: You strongly believe in and advocate for the blackcockchurch in all walks of life. No exception.

Populist Breeding Interracialism: You believe in and advocate public displays and propaganda of the lifestyle, especially of the interracial cuckolding lifestyle and the total pleasure of black males and the white woman.

Individualist Interracialism: You restrict the fetish too yourself out of shame, which may be part of your fetish.