Swingers and cuckolding

Is she swinging or cuckolding

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We started out swinging and cuckold play as two different things.Then one evening we hooked up with a cute black couple.I noticed what a size difference between him and I, he must have been twice as long and three times thicker than me, and I am six inches with average girth. Anyway we were all four kissing and touching and it seemed like I was just kinda being tolorated , the other woman kinda leaned over and whispered something in my wife's ear. My wife pulled back and said are you sure, she nodded. My wife looked at me and said let's go get our guest a couple of drinks.When we got to the kitchen she told me that the lady had said that there was no way she was fucking me but that they were really hot for her.They wanted a threesome but didn't want me in the room.My wife said that she was really hot for them and would I wait outside the room.I was so stunned I just nodded yes.She kissed me and went back to the bedroom and locked the door.I spent hours that night sitting on a chair by the door listening, they only opened it to ask me to fix drinks and bring a snack tray. When I knocked on the door the other lady opened it took the tray gave me a little peck on the cheek and said you might as well go sleep on the couch , we are having just to much fun to stop now .I was surprised at how good I when I got the pillow and blanket out of the closet.I knew my wife was having the time of her life.Its strange because we are very much in love and we make love a lot, but every other weekend I clean up the house and get my snacks a drink making supply's together while the four of us have friendly small talk until the three of them go to the bedroom. I sit in my chair and listen till I here someone say , can you bring a few drinks and a snack. And every time when I knock a beautiful black woman opens the door , takes the tray ,gives me a little peck on the cheek and says , you might as well go sleep on the couch. I'm the luckiest guy in the world knowing that my wife has her black couple!
If your only involvement in this arrangement is being a maid/servant, masturbating outside while you listen to your wife having sex, you're being cuckolded. If you were getting laid by the other woman it would be swinging, but this is clearly not the case as you described.