Starting to feel very submissive and inferior to black men.

Does this happen to all cucks? I feel myself just feeling very nervous and almost giddy around black men. Makes me feel like a girl and I guess that's how my wife feels too but it's hard finding a guy she likes.
Not sure how to proceed , anyone else feel this way?
I totally understand what you're saying.
It's just become a reflex to drop down on my knees and try to worship the black cock like they expect it to be done. The "submissiveness" includes eagerly anticipating swallowing his entire load
I am completely submissive in most ways but mostly just want to serve my man. He has definitely made me far more submissive than I used to be. I kept my independence for most years while sucking my white friends but John has total control now. I love him and want to do everything Ii can for him.