Some of my experiences


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I had been sharing my life with a black boyfriend 8 years older than me, for already three years. He was not handsome and he was shorter than me (his head only reached my shoulders), but he was a sympathetic guy.
The first time we had sex it was an ordinary meeting.
But the second time was really amazing.
He had not a big size penis (it was normal, perhaps 15 or 16 centimeters) but he could make me feel so excited. That morning he licked my breast (I really love when men make me this) and stimulated my clitoris introducing his fingers inside my pussy for already half an hour.
When I couldn't resist my excitation, I begged him to fuck me, and he made me in doggy position. In few seconds I felt how my orgasm was close to appear, but he was excitated too and he finished before I could reach my orgasm.
He remained so relaxed but I needed an orgasm because I was turning crazy for my excitation, so I gave him a blow job and his dick turned hard again. It was so funny because he was relaxed and he didn't wish make the love again...but a few seconds later he was who begged me to let him put his penis inside my pussy.
We were in the middle of the dining room, so I went to the floor on all fours, and he placed behind me to penetrate my pussy in doggy position one more time.
We fucked hard and he was able to make me cum in only 40 seconds, not more! I finally reached my orgasm shouting of pleasure as I never had done before. I was gasping of pleasure and happily when I noticed that he was getting his second orgasm that morning! He finished shouting too and I smiled happy because I was proud of make him feel so hot. We sighed relieved.

My actual husband ever felt so excited when I told him about my previous experience with this black guy. He said me that my ex boyfriend was so potent and virile and he wished be like him. My husband is so virile too, but he feels admiration and envy at the same time for my ex black boyfriend.
When I broke up my relation ship with the afro, I started to meet my actual husband. The first week meeting us, I had to go to my ex boyfriend house to take off my properties from there.
I was so excited because I had not been having sex for two weeks, but I didn't wish to have sex with my new boyfriend before I feel the relation ship was strong enought to make it, so I had sex with my ex black boyfriend three times during a week. He make me feel good and he took all my excitation out, remaining me at last, so relieved.
My new boyfriend (and now husband) had known about that and I told him all the truth.
Do you know what did he answer me?
He told me I was correct looking for my ex boyfriend to have sex with him. He asked me if I had gotten orgasms, if I had enjoyed making the love with him and more.
I answered him that I had gotten an orgasm everytime that he made me the love and I had enjoyed it a lot.