So, what happened?

In my previous post I explained how excited I was that after 5+ years of shunning the very idea of black guys and white women, my wife had finally watched porn that featured a couple of black men. I especially enjoyed watching her watch the black guys take their turns on the eager white woman...very sexy.

Anyway, I intuitively bookmarked the porn in question along with a few other lengthy videos also featuring black guys and just in passing mentioned it to her. I then cleared the browser history and waited. It has been two days now and each of the videos I bookmarked, as well as a number of other IR porns appear in the browser history. Love it.

Just a little background about us...We're a married couple, I'm 34 and she is 25, I'm an attractive, muscular, good looking white male, well endowed ("full 8 inches") and I can last longer than she can. In a typical sexual encounter she has 3-5 orgasms and in an extended/heated session she has in the past had 10+.

My question is this; what happened? What suddenly shifted her interest/opened her mind? I'm thinking she must have met a black guy that she finds attractive, or perhaps a girl friend of hers has peaked her interest? Just looking for unbiased opinions/thoughts...I appreciate anyone that takes the time to read this!


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Either of those are possible. It's also possible, but not likely, that she's met a black guy who's secretly fucking the shit out of her. Most women whose husbands encourage them to fuck other guys don't cheat. It's more likely that she's just seen how damned good it looks in the videos when she sees those big, black cocks pumping into tight, white pussies. She's finally enjoying how much it turns her on.


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I dont know but sometimes others can open your eyes to new things. I had not really thought about going with other guys- white or black. My hubby kept going on about it for some time. We started watching porn with white guys in and joined a swinging club first. We didnt really enjoy it. Then my hubby showed me black on white porn etc and bought black dildos etc and got me turned on by the whole idea. Now ive been with a few and sucked a few more and slowly really getting into it. Youve probably opened your partners eyes to a whole new exciting world!