So Turned on By White Women Being into BBC

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    Right there with ya. Have always been attracted to IR since I was your age. Lol
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    Hey JohnnyAppleseed. I'm a white man and understand what you are talking about. I have always liked interracial porn and have been watching interracial porn in secret for many years because it turns me on so much. I like it when a white woman talks about big black cock it's so arousing. Sometimes when i fantasize about interracial sex i fantasize about my hot white female friends getting fucked by the biggest black cocks.

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    It's very arousing talking to white women about big black cock. Bringing up the topic of big black cocks is very difficult. One of my male friends brought up the topic when we were sitting with white females, you should of seen the look on their faces. The look on their faces made my cock very hard.

    Talking to a white woman about big black cock is very arousing, but it's very difficult.