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As I have said numerous times before not every black male has a big cock and not every black male is an expert fucker. National Geographic sponsored a study that concluded that most women liked a big cock over a small one. I don't believe they found any definitive racial preference. But if you have a little cock and a talented tongue you will probably would be seldom lacking for company in your bed. How well a couple does in bed in contingent on a good deal more that the bulls cock. For really good sex there has to be a certain amount of chemistry between the individuals and a real desire to deliver pleasure. The best sex I have had comes from a bed partner, not just someone merely submitting to my will.
Sex all starts with the brain. the catalyst is all the nerve endings in the vagina and penis.
i called my wife about 1 hour after she left the house with her white boyfriend. i asked her what she was doing. she said im sucking a cock, if you must know. i immediatly blew my load. i also remained hard as a rock waiting to hear what happens next. she put her cell down and i listened via phone, the entire romp. i came a couple more times. when she got home i fucked her as she told me all about it. SO, YOU SEE. My brain caused me to become so turned on by heer fucking another man as i listened. LISTENED. Size is also very important. The interior walls of the vagina need to be stimulated so those nerve endings will create the feeling of peasure. The larger the cock, the more nerve endings will be stimulated. Now, the contrast in skin color plays on the brain. It was always a turn on for me when i used to date black women before i was married.Also for a woman to simply SEE a huge black cock in front of them, has already started to get the brain working and all those nerve endings tingleing. Have you ever seen a womans hips start gyrating when she sees a massive cock in a porno? i wife. haha.
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One other thing... the highest consentration of orgasm producing nerve endings are located in the Cervix. which is approximatly 7" to 9" into the vagina. this is fact... so all you 9" ers, give me a call. I need yo to reach my wifes Cervix. think of your cock as a medical instrument and my wife has an ich that needs to be scratched... at the back wall of her vagina...