Any wives ever fuck a rival from work?

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Just curious- I have a district territory, and have always been able to manage my sales force to either the top or next to top position for the last 6 years. Almost ready for promotion- but Leadership has brought in a very energetic, engaging Black gentleman in an adjacent district. His team has come out of nowhere and has been beating my team for about 6 months now. I finally met him at the Holiday Party the company through for all the Territory managers and their spouses. As I was getting drinks at the bar and sucking up to upper management, I noticed he had asked my very sexy wife to dance. Excellent dancer, they moved well together. He is single, and often stays at a resort lake that is boundaried by both of our districts just 15 miles from where we live. He made the invitation for my wife and I to go boating with him one weekend, and we enjoyed being on the water- but I can definitely feel chemistry and him trying to push the envelop. My wife is flirty, but relatively inexperienced, and loves the attention. He recently invited us again, and I felt compelled to accept. However- I just learned that I am expected to be 1,000 miles away at headquarters for a presentation at that same weekend. Worse- I'm pretty sure he knew about this engagement, as he suggested my name to our boss, before inviting us. When he called to discuss plans, I let him know I would be unavailable, and we could make it another weekend. He said that was unfortunate- but my wife was still invited as he had plenty of room and some other people going as well. In fact- he had called for me at home (knowing I wasn't there) and then made sure my wife knew she was still invited and that 3 other couples would be coming. He is handsome, athletic, hard to dislike, but it's obvious he wants her, and I don't think she will be able to resist after some drinks and boating. Part of me wants to hate him, but the fact is, when my wife and I discussed his invitation- she poo pooed the fact it was anything but fun in the sun- and I found I had a little chub action going. We haven't decided yet on whether she can go (she has, but I haven't agreed).
Sounds to me that you have issues with yourself , she has made her mind up , go boating with the fella [rival ] and let the chips fall into place and if you still fill the way you do now , then just pull the plug....