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Breed or Not

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Been a lurker on here for a while. Met this little beauty at my job. Exchanged #s and found out her Italian parents hate black men. See was so curious and so submissive, a bull's dream!!! Absolutely destroyed her pussy and came inside her. She runs to the pharmacy and gets Morning After pill every time. BlacktoWhite.net, I ask...should I breed her?



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She definitely appreciates what we do. pic_question-WHWW.jpg Maybe you should not post on every thread before thinking...realize that and accept that lol.
For one, I don't post on every thread ... and second, you asked the question. If you specifically wish me to NOT comment to your posts, simply let me know. I'm a big boy with broad, white shoulders! ;) Just wondering, however, if you do "breed her" as you say, are you planning to be a part of the "life" you created, or just another notch in your accomplishments?

By the way, welcome to B2W, but what exactly does "she definitely appreciates what we do" mean? What do WE do?
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It's so easy to get caught up in the fantasy of breeding her isn't it? And while you say you would certainly do your part, ( I assume you mean about the baby), exactly what is YOUR part? Are you going to deal with medical bills, the care of the baby? Education, etc? All this breeding talk is erotic and exciting to some, but no where do I see any true discussion about the consequences that come with it, ESPECIALLY for the baby.
MacNfries, you must be her mother and father. She definitely appreciates what we do. Maybe you should not post on every thread before thinking...realize that and accept that lol.
PABULL, MacNFries do provide some semblance of reality in this whole process. You are in a fantasy land if you think breeding this girl is worth it. Unless you have a substantial net worth (+$50.0M in assets), and can provide her and the baby financially to insure they are comfortable, keep your dick in your pants. As a parent to 3 adults, I can speak of commitment needed in the socalled "breeding" of babies.