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What was your first reaction when asked to fuck another man's wife. Where you surprised, shocked, confused? How did you feel when the guy said he would like to watch?

They selected me. The husband gave me his wife. She cooked dinner for me (steak) for the three of us where he expressed his (actually her) terms. This was the first meeting. She wore blue jeans.

The second meeting he had taken us on a "date". She wore black heels, black stockings, black garter, no panties under a black and white woven skirt with a black blouse, she was a blonde and sexy. I finger fucked her and licked her pussy before we walked out of their home to go to the restaurant, (we had another steak dinner). Going to the restaurant she drove in the front seat, returning to their home she drove in the back seat with me, he was our "chauffeur" in their Mercedes Benz; where we kissed in the back seat I finger fucked her again tasting her pussy juice and she held and sucked my dick as I caressed any bare shin I could enjoy. She told her husband thanks while we drove into the driveway of their home.

He pulled out a mattress from their master bedroom, laid it on the floor in front of their fireplace. I we all stripped, she laid on her back, I laid between her legs with my hard tool and proceeded to fuck her while he laid on his living room couch stroking his two-incher and I'm deep-strokin' and pumping my tool deep inside her pink snatch, shooting my hot seed inside her, until we both feel asleep.

She and I awakened the next morning on their mattress, her husband slept in another room. She made coffee for me as she prepared for church, I put my clothes on, stepped into my car in their driveway and I drove away.

This was the second couple...