Question for the bulls

Do you feel empowered when your buttfuck us white wives??

Our new friend/bull loves to buttfuck me, and he fucks hard!!! I like it, it kinda hurts at the moment, but I smile when I feel the ache the next day. Hubby totally loves it! We have been getting letters from other black males who are strictly interested in buttfucking me. So, is that a new interest or what? I have been with black men before, but they were'nt into anal at all. Now, everyone seems to be in it.


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I would love to feel my cock sliding in all your holes not just your ass.

I can tell you this when you get a woman to let them try something new wether it's fucking in the ass or doing a GB or anything that's not norm yeah there's a part of you that says deep down inside.

"Yeah I got this Bitch, she is under my control now!"

But like some women just don't like anal and don't even want to try it if you ask and they say no don't force it just pay extra attention to that pussy that's all!
Idk I always thought all black guys love tight white ass maybe thats just certain things ive been told and allot of porn ive seen. Is the guy you are with older 30+ that cud be a factor too. My wife is still an anal virgin but I never pushed because I was hoping she would submit to the right black guy. I told her when we began to roleplay I wanted a bull to take her ass. I know her boss/regular bull and brother/regular bull love her ass I haven't watched yet they just tease me with videos so far. They use toys on my wifes ass and say they are getting her ready. She actually begged them for it in the las video telling them she would be a good girl. I like how they are teasing her and not rushing it but confident about the inevitable outcome.


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Hmmm...I have noticed that after I had turned 30, my desire to Anally dominate pretty little pussies have been steadily increasing...hmmm...I'll have to look into that!
Yes, he is older. I don't like younger guys because they are mostly all talk and no action. I like the older men!
My wife had a little read of this thread and we both agree people just become less inhibited as they get older. She agrees that the taboo nature must also help to fuel it along though. I am pretty happy because anal was off the menu really before but we talked and with her boss and brother being that much older she is becoming very submissive because she says they treat her more agressively in bed. The whole dynamic is very hot because my wife says he is very focused on the job and the whole idea of letting him release all that pent up stress on her tight pussy and ass drives her nuts. This just adds to the fantasy for me. She says it just feels right to give them the pleasure they are giving her. So I hope my wife is also getting buttfucked by her bulls soon. Mike (her boss) asked her to start calling him Daddy. mmm

I thought she was far more shy but recently one of her favorite clips involves a girl taking on three 10 inch pluss black cocks. They are rough with her going balls deep with every stroke in DP as she deepthroats another bull. She has told me eventually she wants this and often fantasises about them closing up after hours and taking her to the backroom where they form a circle and she sucks as they cover her then they form a line and spitroast her taking turns. I never knew my wife was so turned on by bukakke and black cock DP.