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Question for all


Sweet & Cordial
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If a guy likes Pegging, does that mean he is gay or has gay tendencies?
Doesn't mean he's gay ... that's for sure, unless his other half is male. Whether it means he's bisexual or not, I wouldn't think that necessarily would be true either. The prostate is a pleasure spot for many guys; when it is rubbed during masturbation, or love making (particularly receiving fellatio), it can increase stimulation, and intensify/prolong a man's orgasm and ejaculation.
Maybe his female half is dominatrix, in that case, the two would be a pretty good pair together.

Lady Dionysus

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One of my former lovers was curious about it, but was absolutely not gay. He loved the idea of that stimulation coming from me. We tried it, he had fun, we moved on.

Trying to define and categorize people's sexuality is pointless. Good, mind blowing sex is whatever you and your partner(s) want to do, and as long as everyone is consenting and of age, it makes no difference WHAT you are doing. In fact, creating trust and comfort, without judgment leads to an amazing carnal experience, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Without it, you're just going through the motions.

I am 200% straight... I adore, even worship good cock. But on numerous occasions, in group settings, I have fucked women. It was what the moment created, and everyone had a great time. Focus on the individuals, not the labels.


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It doesn't mean he's gay, or has gay tendencies.
I'll use myself as an example, my wife is 95% of the time submissive, but every once in a while she likes to play as a dominant, and I play as her sub. Part of that is pegging, which for me is a different kind of orgasm and an act of extreme trust and submission for me, part of what gets me off.
She likes the trust I'm giving her, the domination it gives her, and she just enjoys making me cum.


Sweet & Cordial
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Beyond phylosophy
if you are a man and you like anal sex over you this means you've homosexual tendencies
tasmanian, why not review the video below, first, before labeling guys who enjoy rectal stimulation as "gay". I've never had a homosexual activity with another man, yet I enjoy prostate stimulation. The prostate is accessed through the anus, and an anal vibrator can do wonders for erections and ejaculations.
Now, I'm not saying that some men, who enjoy anal stimulation aren't gay; but, their desire is for a real cock to do the stimulation instead of a vibrator or other object. And, a lot of white males, who frequent this site, seem to be interested in exploring their bisexuality with black males. Still, you can't label any man, who likes anal sex, as gay or having gay tendencies because that simply isn't so ... I'm straight and been with my spouse 20 years this September.
gif_Yellowball-eatingPopcorn.gif ......Mac

I think maybe this could be a loaded questions. I don't think any act should be classed as 'gay' or not. Rather this sex with a man sexually excites you, then I would suggest you would have homosexual tendencies.

I would think any sexual acts between the same sex can be explained in other ways rather than a broad brush of being gay.
If instance pegging and oral sex can be a form of dominance over the other. If the if either the giver or receiver is fantasizing about the same sex of that sexual act then that person would be homosexual or bi-sexual.
Another example is when having sex with a woman, she puts her finger in your bum - has she forced you now to be homosexual?


Real Person
Wow, that sure opened a can of worms. So I thought I would offer my two cents.

I have never been interest in even seeing another mans cock up close, let alone touching, sucking, or having it touch me in such a way. That being said, when I am super horny I love it when my wife uses my vibrating anal toy on me. As a matter of fact, the biggest and most intense orgasms I have ever had were from when she was using them on me. Especially if she has denied me for some time. I explode!

I am of the school, you define who you are and that defines your actions.


Grew up bi, to be honest. have had cock in my ass and fucked ass. Tendencies, ha! I just have always liked getting off. Really never mattered with whom. Sexy bodies are sexy bodies.
It can be either, both, or neither. Maybe he just likes pleasure in different forms. Maybe he has a fetish. Honestly, a man that likes pegging is not necessarily any more gay than a man that likes sticking his dick in his wife/girlfriends ass as opposed to her pussy.

Cruel joke of nature that because of the prostate, men are much more physically suited to enjoy receiving anal than women are but at the same time are conditioned from youth that anything even remotely close to anal is "gay".