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Jul 1, 2015
Oct 11, 2014
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Virginia (Two-ish hours south of DC)

Lady Dionysus

Active Member, Female, from Virginia (Two-ish hours south of DC)

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Life got busy... Planning for the Fourth, might be absent for a bit. Jul 1, 2015

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Jul 1, 2015
    1. Tyrone 10
      Tyrone 10
      DAmn that a nice ass
    2. 615_BBC
      nice body
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    3. Don Lowe
      Don Lowe
      A great place Virginia , and that body makes it a lot nicer,keep this white cock hard
    4. Lady Dionysus
      Lady Dionysus
      Life got busy... Planning for the Fourth, might be absent for a bit.
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    5. bigblackbull76
      Hey there Miss Lady D, still waiting on a response to the email I sent you on June 20th. As your info page stated: "don't start a conversation, get things going, then just disappear." Also no B.O.B.s (Battery Operated Boyfriends) in your toybox could please you more than the BigBlackBull. I got the full-package you seek; Brains,Beauty,Brawn, and the BBC that would make you dump your toy-box out if you ever met me ;-)
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      2. bigblackbull76
        Also I appreciate your positive feedback on my PSA message. :-* an offering adoration & kisses back to the Lady Goddess of 'festivities, and fertility'.
        Jun 27, 2015
      3. Lady Dionysus
        Lady Dionysus
        What email? I thought I replied to them all...
        Jun 27, 2015
    6. BlkTyler
      lovely picture beautiful lady
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    7. Marquis00
      Very nice new avatar
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      2. Lady Dionysus
        Lady Dionysus
        Thank you... Asmodeaus80 took that this weekend. :-)
        Jun 25, 2015
    8. Lady Dionysus
      Lady Dionysus
      Hi guys, My time is very limited, so read the guidelines on my info page if you want my attention. Thanks! ;-)
    9. Benji_mind
      Hello, nice avatar lady!
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    10. Kuno
      "I get bored easily." For somebody who's very specific and demanding, that statement leaves an unusual impression.
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      2. Kuno
        Fair enough. I was trying to make the point that it takes two (sometimes more!) to make things happen.
        Jun 16, 2015
      3. Lady Dionysus
        Lady Dionysus
        Never fear, if you get my interest, things happen.
        Jun 16, 2015
      4. Kuno
        Then it's all worth it~!
        Jun 16, 2015
    11. hotjen
      Hi hun great sexy ass xxx
      1. Lady Dionysus
        Lady Dionysus
        Thank you.
        Jun 11, 2015
    12. bigblackbull76
      Hey there, see your back active here again. We should pick back up where we left off from last we spoke. I've been traveling as well so u should update me on your itinerary so we can make the schedules coincide.
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      2. Lady Dionysus
        Lady Dionysus
        Feel free to email me... We still haven't gotten that beer. I am afraid my activity here is sporadic at best. :-). It only took me a month to see this.Sorry.
        Jun 11, 2015
    13. Robert
      hey great profile pic message me sometime
    14. Dan Teal
      Dan Teal
      hi there, how are you
    15. john7
      Hello there pretty lady, was intrigued by your profile picture you have a gorgeous body, very voluptuous. :) hope to chat soon
    16. beenblackened
      Lovely ass sweetie!!
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    17. Mem Tn
      Mem Tn
      Such a well written profile! And I agree that the greatest sexual organ is the brain!
    18. big9indic
      Hello Miss Lady! How's your fine ass today, baby girl? Your husband reached out to me as we're very close, & he thought we may have something in common :-) Hit me up when time permits. Would love to chat with you!
    19. superdick33
      Hey honey very sexy and beautiful ladie and a great profile:-)
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    20. BadJay
      You and I should worship at the alter of Dionysus - drink and fuck each other's brains out :)
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    Virginia (Two-ish hours south of DC)
    Sexual Orientation:
    My husband, Asmodeaus80, is also a member. I originally became a member at his request. I stayed because I have found the site enjoyable.

    I am very well acquainted with skilled lovers, and am attracted to all races and ages. However, I seem to gravitate most to confident, intelligent, black men. My experiences have been quite satisfying overall, but I still have rarely met lovers that match my "energy" or desire to be dominated. (Two things - "energy" is the metaphysical, not marathon variety - though I do enjoy matching a lover with stamina; and dominated with a lower case "d".)

    We are not a cuckold couple. Instead, we are open in our marriage, and he prefers my lovers and/or boyfriends to be black men. Luckily, I'm okay with that. As long as I can get a cute, white guy from time to time. *L*

    My sexual experiences are varied... I am not necessarily looking for anything right now, but if the right opportunity presented itself, from the right man, I would certainly explore it. I am intrigued by restraints, and blindfolds, spanking, and LOVE threesomes. Group sex has always been quite enjoyable for me, though I am not attracted to women at all.

    If you'd like to start a conversation with me:
    • Complete sentences. Stimulate the brain, and the body follows. I get bored easily.
    • Confidence without being an asshole. I prefer gentlemen to "thugs".
    • Please don't send me cock pics. I don't care. I want to know people, not dildos.
    I look for:
    • Complete packages. I've had many well-endowed lovers. Some were skilled, others were not. If I only wanted a big dick, I'd stick to my toy box.
    • The "It" factor. Can't explain it - it just is.
    • Reliability - don't start a conversation, get things going, then just disappear. A short, "Life got busy, catch you soon" suffices. Courtesy.
    • Don't be rude. There are many, many, beautiful fish in this sea...
    Hoping I can bring something of value to the group. :p

    Lady D