PSA: Photoshopping disasters

Just wanted to bring this to everybody's attention since I've been seeing it a lot lately. Take a look at the comparison between the normal, vanilla image and the one that has been photoshopped:


I shouldn't have to tell anyone which one is the original photo. Here's why I have a beef with this:
  1. Enhanced boobs. Is this woman not sexy enough as she is?? Not only is this unnecessary, but frankly it looks unnatural too.
  2. Enlarged cock. Even though we only see part of the guy's member, most of us would agree that there is no problem with size in this picture. Yet some photoshopper-gone-mad decided all BBCs should be SuperBBCs.
  3. Nose job. I'm sensing a little anti-semitism here. Either that or a Michael Jackson fan (sorry MJ). As I said before, the woman is beautiful the way she is!
All in all, it's unfair to the original photographer and subjects because their picture was altered without their permission. Worst of all, it's in pretty bad taste. Some of you may not agree, but I say leave perfection alone!

Thanks :D