Peeping tom special

I had a pussy ass 'friend' when I was at secondary school (high school for yanks) who used to perv on his own sisters while they used to change. How many of u cucks have done the same of similar things?


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I used to peep an older cousin and her friends, when I would stay at her family's vacation home in the summer.
They knew it and liked to flaunt themselves in front of me knowing they were making my dick stiff. I still remember vividly the morning one of the friends, a VERY stacked blond, came down to breakfast wearing a see through teddy and I damn near came in my pants. She had fabulous breasts with nipples like pencil erasers and I know I couldn't hardly take my eyes off of them. Every time I forced myself to look elsewhere, I could see her grinning a sly grin knowing exactly what she was doing to me. Unfortunately, my Aunt had a little discussion about her form of dress and that put an end to the free shows. :cry:
I think Auntie was more concerned about the effect she was having on my Uncle. :bounce:

Anyway, years later my cousin told me about how much fun they had making me and all the men horny and how they would laugh about it. I did get one more excellent show from that blond though, and it was a bit more than she intended as she lost her bikini top in the pool one day. I was a gentleman though, and retrieved it for her.