Pecking order of bull, woman and cuck

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What is your pecking order...?

  1. black bull - white woman - white man

  2. white woman - black bull - white man

  3. white woman & black bull joint at the top

  4. white woman & white man joint at the top

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  1. PalePigBoy

    PalePigBoy Well-Known Member Gold Member

    I always assumed that the white man would be at the bottom but I know of cases where the pecking order differs.
  2. Torpedo

    Torpedo Well-Known Member Gold Member

    None of the women I am fucking include their husbands. I am dominant in bed but I take into account the desires of the woman I am with. Before we are in bed O would say that we are pretty equal but once we are in bed I am in charge. The husbands aren't involved so I could care less what they think about anything